19 August 2010

I'm back!!

**Emily Merkley let me just say thank you
for kicking me in the butt to write again hahahahaha**

Well back home that is ;)
And boy is it NICE!

I missed my bed, my cats, my family,
homecooked meals hahahahaha.
I'm so glad I went to Disneyland but I'm so glad to be back ;)
Back in kindergarten with crazy kids,
soon-to-be back at the Disney Store workin with crazy characters.

So I officially graduated from the Disney University
with 2 Mousters degrees and a Duckterite.
Yep, you can call me Duckter Bowler ;)

Proof of me graduating:

I was so happy Andrew got to come!! It made it all perfect ;)

My BFF Sally-Marie from the program ;)

I was very sad to leave my apartment though.
I loved living on my own but soon I will be again ;)
Of course we had to do a couple roommate pictures
before we left now that Morgan has new rommates ;)

Such a fun experience.
Thank you Morgan for dragging me out there ;)

Now that I'm home though, wedding stuff needs to actually start!
AHHHH! So much to do and so little time.
Next on the list:
engagement pictures
dresses (bridesmaids)
fabric (for ties)

At least for now.
Of course the list goes on and on but it's exciting too ;)
I couldn't be more happy ;)
I get to marry my best friend and love of my life.
Life doesn't get much better ;)