30 July 2010

My Amazing Fiance

I've written about Andrew before
but now it's much different.

He's the greatest guy in the world.
He puts up with my craziness,
comforts me when I feel so discouraged with my job.
Especially since it's so close to being done,
it gets harder being so far from him
but he's always there for me.
Just a phone call away ;)
I usually wake up and have a text from him,
and throughout the day he's there.

I love him so much!
He truly is my perfect match ;)
My best friend, I can't wait to marry him
and start our eternity together ;)


  1. Awwww Ali.... This makes me sooooo happy!!!! :D I'm so super excited for you!!! Keep me updated on everything! :D

  2. Move home and never blog again. I see how it is. Real cool.


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