15 July 2010

Less than a month away!

Holy cow guys!
4 weeks left and then I get to come home forever!!
Hahahahaha YAY!

This turly has been an amazing experience for me though.
I mean, I got to work at Disneyland for 8 months.
I got trained as a Jedi Knight,
a Princess,
and a Toon!
How many people do you know that can say that? ;)
I got to work with some crazy characters,
met some amazing new friends that I will forever be in contact with.
Learned how to be a hat writer
and I love it!

Got to work inside the castle,
which was a goal of mine.
Will be riding Star Tours one last time before it goes down,
Indiana Jones is still my favorite ride of all time ;)
Fantasmic! is still my favorite show of all time.
And I still get emotional when I see Mickey hahahaha
(I think that's pretty good considering
I've seen him in all kinds of ways hahaha)

I'm sad to be leaving my Disneyland family,
but I'm excited to go home to MY family ;)
And back to the school to work with kids again
(and not bratty ones that just grab everything).
And back to the Disney Store
(cuz honestly, I can't NOT be a cast member now).

Only 4 weeks left!
Those 4 weeks include:
Andrew coming to visit!!
My Aunt, Uncle, and cousins coming to visit!
The Ellsworths coming to visit!
My family coming out for one last Disney hoorah!
A semi-formal dance!
(which I have to buy a dress for...)
Work, work, and more work.
And finally:

It's gonna fly by! ;) ;)

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  1. So exciting, Ali!!!!! :D I can't wait to see you again sometime! Have fun finishing up your awesome experience!!! :D


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