30 July 2010

My Amazing Fiance

I've written about Andrew before
but now it's much different.

He's the greatest guy in the world.
He puts up with my craziness,
comforts me when I feel so discouraged with my job.
Especially since it's so close to being done,
it gets harder being so far from him
but he's always there for me.
Just a phone call away ;)
I usually wake up and have a text from him,
and throughout the day he's there.

I love him so much!
He truly is my perfect match ;)
My best friend, I can't wait to marry him
and start our eternity together ;)

22 July 2010

Big news!!

So remember how Andrew came this week
(as in yesterday)?
Well I was already super happy with just the fact that he was coming
and we had so much fun!
We spent all day together and I loved having him with me
at Disneyland ;)

That was one dream come true right there.

Then last night at around 6,
we were walking to Fantasyland and I wanted to go by the
wishing well cuz there's less people to have to battle.
But Andrew said "Nah let's just go this way instead"
I was too happy to argue so up we went to go through the castle.
We got to the bridge part and he stopped me right
before we went through it.
He asked me "Do you remember your dream about this castle?"
I said, "Well I want to live in it."
He laughed and said "No no the other one."
I said I didn't remember what it was.
He said "Well let me remind you."
And he dropped to one knee and I started hyperventilating.
"Ali, will you marry me?"
"Yes yes yes!! Y-y-y-ye-e-e-es-s-s-s"
I yelled it and stuttered and he put the ring on my finger ;)
And he kissed me and hugged me right in front of the castle ;) ;)

Within minutes we had "Just Engaged" buttons
called my mom, and texted people ;)
Andrew was very cute and would hold out my left hand
for people to see the ring ;)

I have not been this happy ever!!
I'm so excited and I haven't been able to stop smiling!
I love him so much and I can't wait to get married to him!!! ;)

15 July 2010

Less than a month away!

Holy cow guys!
4 weeks left and then I get to come home forever!!
Hahahahaha YAY!

This turly has been an amazing experience for me though.
I mean, I got to work at Disneyland for 8 months.
I got trained as a Jedi Knight,
a Princess,
and a Toon!
How many people do you know that can say that? ;)
I got to work with some crazy characters,
met some amazing new friends that I will forever be in contact with.
Learned how to be a hat writer
and I love it!

Got to work inside the castle,
which was a goal of mine.
Will be riding Star Tours one last time before it goes down,
Indiana Jones is still my favorite ride of all time ;)
Fantasmic! is still my favorite show of all time.
And I still get emotional when I see Mickey hahahaha
(I think that's pretty good considering
I've seen him in all kinds of ways hahaha)

I'm sad to be leaving my Disneyland family,
but I'm excited to go home to MY family ;)
And back to the school to work with kids again
(and not bratty ones that just grab everything).
And back to the Disney Store
(cuz honestly, I can't NOT be a cast member now).

Only 4 weeks left!
Those 4 weeks include:
Andrew coming to visit!!
My Aunt, Uncle, and cousins coming to visit!
The Ellsworths coming to visit!
My family coming out for one last Disney hoorah!
A semi-formal dance!
(which I have to buy a dress for...)
Work, work, and more work.
And finally:

It's gonna fly by! ;) ;)

05 July 2010

6 weeks left

I can't believe there are only 6 weeks left in this program for me.
It's gone by so fast and yet so slow at the same time.
I'll admit that I didn't want to come back after going home last week,
but I did and I'm gonna stick it out and finish ;)

Let me just say how amazing it is to have my best friend back.
Not having to wait months for responses is just so nice ;)
Granted, it's taken some getting used to,
after all it's been letters for 2 years
but now cell phones are wonderful things.
When I have a really bad day
(like getting yelled at by guests, messing things up, or feeling sick)
Andrew's there with an encouraging word.
I have definitely missed that and I'm so glad that he's still there for me.
It'll be nice when I come home to be able to see him too hahahaha

I'm also grateful for my best friend Kayde.
She has been so patient with me,
and after who knows what happened, we're back to being BFFS.
I've missed you girl!
We're gonna do some major bonding time when I get home ;)

I don't know if I've mentioned this or not,
so I'm just gonna do it now anyways.
Nick got called to Pennsylvania, Philadelphia mission!
English speaking ;)
He leaves September 8th and he is super excited!
So are we.
I'm more excited cuz I'll be able to be there for his farewell
He's gonna make a great missionary ;)

I know this is a randomish post but this is me ya know ;)
Only 6 weeks left!!! YAY!