01 June 2010

Magic and its many different definitions

So I work in the most magical place on the planet right?
For me, the magic has changed.
It hasn't left completely
(although the work factor isn't magical at all
it's just changed now that I know how a lot of things work.

It's exactly like being backstage for a show
and seeing all the gizmos work and the actors perform.
Watching Fantasmic! was even more magical for me
now that I know how some of the mechanical aspects work.
It was already my favorite part of Disneyland and it still is.
I cry every time I watch it.
I don't know what it is, but it just causes the waterworks to flow.

Now the initial magic of seeing The Matterhorn from the freeway
is totally gone just cuz I see it eeryday.
But when I go as a guest it's still got a certain magic factor.
The fact that I know what it looks like from the back
and how it works but you can't see it at all when you're walking around ;)
I think that's pretty magical.

I still love walking down Main Street
(it's even cooler when you walk in the park when the guests aren't there yet)
and smelling the vanilla scent and listening to the music.
I still love walking through the castle
(it's Sleeping Beauty's castle BTW,
NOT Cinderella's. Cindy's is in Florida)
and I love working in the castle ;)

**Fun fact about Fantasyland:
Fantasyland has 3 sources for its ambiance music:
The Castle, King Arthur's Carousel, and Small World. **

Oh and now that I'm trained in hat writing
I will be hopping around as well as getting more shifts as a hat writer.
Which means an extra $0.25 an hour pay!
Hahahahaha yay!
But it's super fun and I can't wait to do it!

Magic can be defined (in Disney terms) as:
- inital excitement of seeing The Matterhorn and Small World from the freeway,
- when you walk in and see Mickey in Town Square,
- riding your favorite attraction,
- celebrating something special and wearing buttons
(birthdays, anniversaries, just married, etc)
- seeing your favorite character
- finding that one souvenir that's perfect
and many others.
These are just what I've seen.

But I want to share one magic moment with you
that happened this weekend.
On Saturday I worked in Fantasyland in the castle,
I was in Enchanted Chamber
and a family came in to look around
and then an older man came up to my counter
to put his water bottles down
I said "Hi! how are you?"
and he motioned me to be quiet and I was like "...ok..."

Then a lady walked in and screamed with delight
when she saw this man and ran to him
and threw her arms around his neck.
He had apparently travelled all the way from Mexico to surprise
his wife and family ;)
(His son-in-law explained this to me,
the man spoke little English)
I started crying just because it was so sweet
and so I gave them buttons
saying that they were celebrating ;)
It was such a special moment and I felt so honored that I witnessed it.

When I get discouraged I think about the lives
I've touched by simple little acts.
Like giving out birthday buttons,
wearing pins and a guest finds the pin
that they've been spending months to find.
Or the kids that it's their first visit and
everythng is just so overwhelming
but whenever they see Mickey their eyes light up.

Like I said the magic's there, it's just different now.
And I need to remember this as I go to work everyday. ;)

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