09 June 2010

Latest Adventures

Prepare for a picture overload ;)

First up our hugely successful beach bonfire!

Apparently I can't look up in these 2 pictures.
We did this like 4 times and every time I was looking at
where I was gonna land hahahaha

Like my Lady of the Dance pose and crazy wild hair?

"There's no business like show business...."
beach version

Me and Kathryn had way too much fun with Antonio's camera ;)
We ended up taking about 18 random and amazing shots
We rule!

Yes that is for Andrew and me ;)

My castle at night with no guests ;)
I love being a cast member and
being able to take pictures like this ;)

We really can't ever take a serious picture anymore.

And Stitch!! ;)
Finally got him to sign my map next to Lilo ;)

Just a little taste of the latest.
Cafe Rio and other adventures to come later ;) ;)

Did I mention that it's 2 weeks til I see Andrew???
Just sayin.... ;)

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