28 June 2010

Arizona Weekend

As y'all know I went home this weekend
for Andrew's homecoming
and to see my family ;)

It was the best weekend ever!!
I got to see Andrew within an hour of getting off the plane ;)
Got the best hug from him too ;)
Went to a movie and dinner with him and his family
that night.
Next night went out to dinner again with his family,
after helping paint some AYT sets of course ;)
Saturday we had our first date (again) and saw Trev's play
"All Shook Up".
Very cute show I loved it!

Then yesterday Andrew gave his homecoming talk.
That boy can speak! Dang!
Sitting there listening to him showed me how much he's changed
and stronger he's become in the Gospel.
Now, granted he's still the crazy Andrew I know and love,
but there's a whole different side to him now
that just amazes me beyond everything.

After his homecoming talk,
he and I went to another elder's homecoming.
Then a potluck at his house with his family,
then dinner with mine
(which he and I made so my mom didn't have to stress about it)
and then he helped give my grandma a blessing
after she had fallen yesterday morning.

Let me say this too:
Knowing that Andrew was worthy to participate in the blessing was huge!
(not that he wouldn't've been, cuz that wouldn't happen)
It was awesome to see my grandpa, my dad, my brother, and my missionary
all standing in a circle with their hands on her head
giving a blessing.
The power of the Priesthood is amazing
and the Spirit was definitely in that room last night.

Now, I'm sure some are wondering what's next for us?
Well, I'm going back to finish my College Program at Disneyland,
Andrew's staying here getting a job
(if anyone knows of ANYWHERE please let me know)
and getting ready for school/marching band.
And we're gonna just go from there.
But yes, we are together and happy ;)

I'm so grateful for him and his shining example to me.
Over these 2 years it's been an anazing thing having a missionary out
and I've seen the blessings in my life.
I've learned patience, courage, love, as well as
learning how to deal with difficult situations.
I couldn't be more happy that he's home now ;)

I'm sad to be going back to Cali but it's only 6 weeks
(Andrew said "just one transfer" hahaha)
and then I'll be back here with all my family and most of my friends.

Just one more thing to say:



  1. ALI ALI ALI ALI!!!!!! So happy!!!! hehe Exciting for you! :D It was good to see you, even if only for a little while! :D Enjoy your last 6 weeks!!

  2. Tell Andrew hi for me! It's amazing how the last 2 years have just disappeared. I remember walking out of his parents house the night he was set apart and thinking that it was going to be a long 2 years but he is HOME!! YAY!!

  3. YES freaking YES!!! We've all waited two long years for this post!!! So incredibly happy for you! ahh!


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