16 June 2010

2 months left!

I only have 2 months left in this crazy Disney life.
So weird to think about but at the same time,
I'm glad it's almost over.
Weird right?

Now don't get me wrong,
this has been the best experience I've had
and I'm glad I actually went and did it.
But I don't like doing nothing but retail day after day.
I miss my kids, and to be perfectly honest.
I miss the Disney Store.

Sure the store may not be busy all the time,
but Disneyland is like a non-stop craze fest.
It's just a little too much chaos for me.
But boy has it been fun ;)

I've made so many new friends that will be friends for life.
I plan on flying out to visit some of them after this is over ;)
We're also thinking of having our own "reunion"
at Disneyland later this year ;)
Quite frankly I would have gone completely insane
if it weren't for the people I've met here and the friends I've made.
So thanks for keeping me sane my friends!!
You know who you are ;)

And while I'll be sad to leave the Happiest Place on Earth,
it's not really goodbye cuz I'm a Disney freak ;)
I will be coming all the time to play in the park.
It's always fun to go into the park when you know a ton of people
that work there.
It's like being part of the "cool kids" clique back in high school
sort of......
I love going with my family or people who are visiting
and introducing them to everybody.

As it gets closer to being over,
I can't help but be a little excited to go back home and back to "normal" life.
I'm excited to get back into the schools
and helping kids (whatever grade it happens to be).
I'm excited to go back to my little Disney family
at the store and working with them again ;)

I'm more excited just to be near my family again.
I never realized how close we were until I moved a state away.

I miss my mom a lot.
There are so many times I want to just walk down the hall
and sit on her bed and make her listen to me
but seeing as I'm way over here.....
that doesn't actually happen.

I miss my grandparents.
I can't wait to see them next week!!
I haven't seen them since leaving in January
and I'm super excited to visit and eat Wheat Thins and Dip
and maybe even some frozen grapes ;) ;) ;)

My bros.
They are insane and annoying
but they are my little brothers and I miss them too.
I'm excited to see Nick
(since I haven't seen him since March)
and hear all about the mission plans
(his call shuld be coming any day now!!).
Trev will be excited cuz I'm bringing him pins ;)
Yep I got him hooked on pins
(with Mom's help)
and I'm excted to see him in AYT's All Shook Up ;)

My daddy.
There are sometimes when a girl just needs her dad
and he's always there for me.
When I have a computer problem out here especially,
he's the first and only person I call.
Also when I have friend issues or any issues
I can call him and he'll make it ok.
I'm excited to go home and see everyone!

And, of course, I'm super excited to see Andrew.
It's going to be a little odd at first I'm sure
but I'm still way excited to finally see him
and talk face to face!
Only one week to go before I get to go home for a weekend!

2 months left!
Bring it on summer!!


Welcome to our adventure!