02 May 2010

Life and its never-ending surprises

Living on my own,
working at Disneyland,
with only my feet/bus for transportation
life is never the same two days in a row.

It's the little things in life that make you giggle.
Like today.
Today was "Bat's Day" at Disneyland,
an event for Gothic people to come together and celebrate with us.
Now granted they look a little out of the norm,
they were the nicest people I've met.
They were very sweet and helped anyone that asked for it.
I witnessed a man help escort an elderly lady to an attraction
when her family left her behind.
Little acts of kindness ;)

When a clean apartment makes things clearer,
for a little bit at least.
When your family comes to visit and finds something to do altogether,
in this case, pin trading. ;)
Chocolate ice cream always fixes things.
No matter how bad a day can go,
just talking to your mama makes it better.

I'm looking forward to going home at the end of June!
To see my family,
and of course,
to see ANDREW!! ;)
I'm only a little excited about it ;) ;) ;) ;)
I am very excited to see my room again after 6 months away
and my kitties!!
And my grandparents too!

Just a little tidbit from me.
More interesting things hopefully to come later.
Means I gotta start having adventures again hahaha ;)

Morgan and me on Thunder Mountain (literally)

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