27 May 2010

Fantasyland Darkrides Walkthorugh

Oh my gosh friends!!
I had the coolest experience ever last night!
(well one of the coolest anyways)

We were allowed to walk through the Fantasyland Darkrides
(Snow White, Pinnochio, Peter Pan)
with the lights on!
Well we rode through Peter Pan
and it completed a little bit of my soul not gonna lie ;)

Snow White and Pinnochio are scary rides friends.
They are not the most family-friendly stories
and these rides are built in such a way
that while you're sitting in the "cars"
you are, for that time, the actual character
experiencing everything.
So you are Snow White, Pinnochio, and Peter Pan
while you're riding through the attraction.
Kinda cool huh??

The tour guide we had last night was adorable.
She was scared of the witch in Snow White
(so am I BTW)
cuz she pops out all the time.
Like ALL the time.
So she'd trigger the effect and then run away hahahahaha
sounds like something I'd do too ;)

She showed us more hidden Mickeys
that I didn't know about!
They're kinda hard to describe and sometimes even harder to see
but there's one in the forest as you enter Snow White
(on the wall)
and in Pinnochio in the last room the chest of drawers,
on the top, the wood becomes a Mickey head.
And the wishing star in that ride is always on ;)

Of course I can't reveal certain things or it would ruin the magic
and the show of things,
but I will tell you that if you try to steal props
from the rides.
You will be caught.
So don't!

Disney does not want you to take it.
Those are props that are important to our show.
And stealing is just bad.
They will escort you out of the park
so don't do it.

And next month they're arranging a tour of the
Walt Disney Animation Studios!!
Like where they draw the movies to life!!!!
I'm just a little excited ;) ;)

I've been feeling a little discouraged though out here.
I feel bored, to tears.
I'm also just tired of people's drama.
I moved out here to get away from drama
(of all places to California the most dramatic place second to NY)
and this drama doesn't even involve me
I'm just tired of hearing about it.
I should be getting paid if I'm gonna be someone's therapist.
Especially if I don't have a choice
but whatevs.
I recently put in a request to landhop more often
so hopefully that'll happen so I can experience more.
I've decided that I'm not cut out for Cali life.
Everything is so fast-paced it's ridiculous!
Even when I'm at home I don't feel rested,
I feel restless like there's something I should be doing.
I've been sick pretty much since I moved here hahaha
mostly from lack of sleep schedule
and eating less and less each day hahahaha
BUT I fit into my skinny jeans!


I'm super excited to go home for a weekend in June!
I need a break from here and be with my family,
especially my grandparents since I haven't seen them!
Sorry kinda random post but this is me ;)


  1. You fit into your skinny jeans?!!! That is awesome. Great job.

  2. I am serious when I say that EVERY girl had those shoes. And they were the best.

    I can't believe how fast the countdown is going until Andrew gets home! I am excited for you!


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