27 May 2010

Fantasyland Darkrides Walkthorugh

Oh my gosh friends!!
I had the coolest experience ever last night!
(well one of the coolest anyways)

We were allowed to walk through the Fantasyland Darkrides
(Snow White, Pinnochio, Peter Pan)
with the lights on!
Well we rode through Peter Pan
and it completed a little bit of my soul not gonna lie ;)

Snow White and Pinnochio are scary rides friends.
They are not the most family-friendly stories
and these rides are built in such a way
that while you're sitting in the "cars"
you are, for that time, the actual character
experiencing everything.
So you are Snow White, Pinnochio, and Peter Pan
while you're riding through the attraction.
Kinda cool huh??

The tour guide we had last night was adorable.
She was scared of the witch in Snow White
(so am I BTW)
cuz she pops out all the time.
Like ALL the time.
So she'd trigger the effect and then run away hahahahaha
sounds like something I'd do too ;)

She showed us more hidden Mickeys
that I didn't know about!
They're kinda hard to describe and sometimes even harder to see
but there's one in the forest as you enter Snow White
(on the wall)
and in Pinnochio in the last room the chest of drawers,
on the top, the wood becomes a Mickey head.
And the wishing star in that ride is always on ;)

Of course I can't reveal certain things or it would ruin the magic
and the show of things,
but I will tell you that if you try to steal props
from the rides.
You will be caught.
So don't!

Disney does not want you to take it.
Those are props that are important to our show.
And stealing is just bad.
They will escort you out of the park
so don't do it.

And next month they're arranging a tour of the
Walt Disney Animation Studios!!
Like where they draw the movies to life!!!!
I'm just a little excited ;) ;)

I've been feeling a little discouraged though out here.
I feel bored, to tears.
I'm also just tired of people's drama.
I moved out here to get away from drama
(of all places to California the most dramatic place second to NY)
and this drama doesn't even involve me
I'm just tired of hearing about it.
I should be getting paid if I'm gonna be someone's therapist.
Especially if I don't have a choice
but whatevs.
I recently put in a request to landhop more often
so hopefully that'll happen so I can experience more.
I've decided that I'm not cut out for Cali life.
Everything is so fast-paced it's ridiculous!
Even when I'm at home I don't feel rested,
I feel restless like there's something I should be doing.
I've been sick pretty much since I moved here hahaha
mostly from lack of sleep schedule
and eating less and less each day hahahaha
BUT I fit into my skinny jeans!


I'm super excited to go home for a weekend in June!
I need a break from here and be with my family,
especially my grandparents since I haven't seen them!
Sorry kinda random post but this is me ;)

25 May 2010

One month left!

Just one month left my friends!
One month before I get to go home for a weekend
and see my family, watch the AYT play,
and of course
see ANDREW!!!!!!
I truly can't believe how fast this came up....
I mean it feels like yesterday that he left and now he's practically home!
Ahhhhh!!!!! I'm so excited!

I got two letters from him the other day,
which was muchly needed after the horrible day at work I had had,
and he said he's really busy but felt really bad for not writing me.
So I got two letters in the same envelope hahahaha ;)
He's so sweet ;)

He even said that he couldn't wait to see me
(which I didn't think he'd admit)
and that just made my day!
I'm excited to see him but I'm also a little nervous.
I mean, it's been two years so it'll take some getting used to
but I have a very good feeling about all of this and it'll work out ;)

Can you believe this was 2 years ago??

(I definitely don't have that skirt anymore.....sad day)

Now look at him!

^ this one's my favorite hahahaha

He's one amazing guy and I can't wait to se him in a month!!
I am the luckiest girl ;)

15 May 2010

Just a little bored here.....

So it's a Saturday night and I'm here at home.
What do I do?
Watched Lord of the Rings on TV,
write in my journal,
eat dinner,
and now write a blog ;)

I forgot to mention the fact that I got to tour
Walt Disney's apartment on Main Street!
This is something that only 1% of cast members get to do!
And only guests that purchase a package get to do also.
Yes I teared up a bit,
to be sitting in the same room that Walt used to sit, rest, create, etc.
He also would bring his grandkids up there to play.
Could you imagine being one of those grandkids?!
Oh man...I get chills just thinking about it.
All of you that have been to Disneyland at least once
have seen the light on in the window over the firehouse right?
I'm sure most of you know why it's there,
but just in case here's why:

When Walt was with us, if his light was on,
it meant anyone could go up and ask him a question
and he'd be there for any cast member that needed him.
Well after he passed,
to keep his spirit there in the park, we have a lit lamp 24/7, 365 days a year.
And sitting in that apartment you could definitely feel his presence.
It was an amazing experience that I will never forget.
And no we were not allowed to take pictures up there.
There is one published picture of Walt's apartment
with Walt, his wife Lillian, and some of their grandkids
playing on the floor.
We took one picture in the same spot that
they are in in the apartment.
I don't know how many of you know much about Walt Disney,
but he was a huge kid.
We have a train running along Disneyland because Walt loved trains,
he used to chase after them as a boy.
And did you know that Main Street was modeled
after his boyhood hometown in Missouri?
He wanted his guests to feel the magic of the turn of the century,
something which I believe everyone feels.

**Fun facts about Main Street**
- The scent of vanilla is pumped into the street
(makes you buy more hahahahaha)
- If you go into the corner by the Markethouse,
you will hear as ambiance:
a piano lesson, someone singing in the shower, and a dentist appointment
all occurring simultaneously.
- The windows that have writing on them are all dedicated to
specific people.
This is the highest honor anyone can receive at Disneyland BTW.
(Cast Members have our own window :>)
I know this is probably one of the most random posts I've done,
but if y'all like it maybe I'll do one like this for every land?
Especially Tomorrowland and Fantasyland ;)

Hope you enjoyed a bit about Walt Disney and Main Street!

Walt giving the opening day speech:
“To all who come to this happy place; welcome. Disneyland is your land.
Here age relives fond memories of the past...and here youth may savor
the challenge and promise of the future.
Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams
and the hard facts that have created America...with the hope
that it will be a source
of joy and inspiration to all the world.”

12 May 2010

A month and a half peeps!!!

I can't believe how fast time has been flying since I moved here!
I had to stop and think what month it was
and lo and behold!
It's MAY!
Which means that JUNE is next!
Which means I'll get to see my Andrew!!!

I'm just a little excited ;)
Living out here in California has been amazing!
The weather alone is just wonderful.
The hottest it's been so far was 85!!
That's like the low in December in AZ.
Ok maybe a little exaggerated but you know what I mean.
There's a pretty constant breeze
so we keep our windows open pretty much all the time.

But I have a confession to make:
I miss home!!!
I didn't think I'd get homesick but I am just a little.
Good thing I'm flying home for that weekend in June.
I need a break from California crazy life.
Sometimes I almost feel like I'm being rushed on everything.
Just part of the lifestyle out here hahahahaha
It's fun but a little overwhelming at times.

Oh and an update on work:
I can't be a FGIT
(Fairy Godmother In Training)
cuz apparently it's separate BUT
I'm getting trained on how to do hat writing
which means that I can move around in lands!!
YAY!!!!I'll get to work in Fatnasyland and ToonTown also! ;)

Oh and congrats to Anais for Chad Moody coming home yesterday!!
You go girl!! You guys are gonna be so happy!

Now I really can't wait to see Andrew!!!
I'm so excited!! ;)

P.S. On a totally random note,
I don't remember if I've mentioned this earlier or not,
BUT I work with a lady
who was an ewok in Return of the Jedi!!
Oh yeah I'm awesome and she's hilarious!
If you ever come to Disneyland and she's working I'll introduce you ;)

02 May 2010

Life and its never-ending surprises

Living on my own,
working at Disneyland,
with only my feet/bus for transportation
life is never the same two days in a row.

It's the little things in life that make you giggle.
Like today.
Today was "Bat's Day" at Disneyland,
an event for Gothic people to come together and celebrate with us.
Now granted they look a little out of the norm,
they were the nicest people I've met.
They were very sweet and helped anyone that asked for it.
I witnessed a man help escort an elderly lady to an attraction
when her family left her behind.
Little acts of kindness ;)

When a clean apartment makes things clearer,
for a little bit at least.
When your family comes to visit and finds something to do altogether,
in this case, pin trading. ;)
Chocolate ice cream always fixes things.
No matter how bad a day can go,
just talking to your mama makes it better.

I'm looking forward to going home at the end of June!
To see my family,
and of course,
to see ANDREW!! ;)
I'm only a little excited about it ;) ;) ;) ;)
I am very excited to see my room again after 6 months away
and my kitties!!
And my grandparents too!

Just a little tidbit from me.
More interesting things hopefully to come later.
Means I gotta start having adventures again hahaha ;)

Morgan and me on Thunder Mountain (literally)