10 April 2010

More random Disney/Life/Thoughts

So yesterday I had my first Fantasyland shift.
It was way fun but a little confusing.
Because, obviously, I haven't worked there before.
But I loved wearing a skirt.
Not gonna lie ;)

I had my hair in braids,
therefore looking kinda like Heidi
(felt like I shoulda had some strudel or something)
but I enjoyed getting pixie dust all over me.
Reminded me of home and the Disney Store ;)
Maybe I'll train to be a FGIT if I can
(Fairy Godmother In Training)

Here are some more adventures from the past little while:
-discovered a Ralph's nearby and have been saving TONS
on groceries now ;)
-had my family here to visit and play in the park with
-went to Six Flags and it was terrible!
-passed my probationary period and can now land-hop
(hence Fantsyland today)
-went to our neighborhood farmers market
and bought fresh strawberries and sourdough bread
-ate at Cafe Orleans for the first time
-worked overtime
-got to tour the Dream Suite above Pirates of the Caribbean!!j
-bought my first ear hat ;)
-bought my first Star Wars shirt and I LOVE it!
-built more lightsabers than I can count
-been hit with more lightsabers than I can count
-countdown to Andrew coming home is in the double digits!!

Just a little of what's been going on ;)

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