19 April 2010

Life in a Jane Austen novel

I would love to have been living in the time
that Jane Austen was writing her novels.
Those times were so much simpler
and people don't talk like that anymore.

It makes me wish that I was born at a different time
Don't get me wrong,
I'm glad I'm here now but still.

I love the language they used to use on a daily basis
and I wish we still spoke like they did.
It was sophisticated and honorable.
And witty insults were abundant.
There wasn't any need for crude language
or swear words.
Courtship was determined by letters,
marriage as well.
And I am now a huge fan of letters ;)

All the world worried about was who was marrying whom,
whether or not they could survive on an amount of money,
and who's carriage they were to ride in to a party.

Plus can I just say that their dresses were gorgeous!
And flattering no matter your body shape.
I want to be able to wear dresses without worrying what I look like.
And I wish I knew how to do my hair all cute like that.


  1. OMG I KNOW!!!!!! I have always wanted to live in those times. The dresses and the way they speak are definitely big factors in wishing that. lol I love it!!!

    Hope everything is well in CA!

  2. Ya but they didn't have electricity and cars. And they didn't think it was proper to straight up diss people like we do. Not fun. Haha.


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