19 April 2010

Life in a Jane Austen novel

I would love to have been living in the time
that Jane Austen was writing her novels.
Those times were so much simpler
and people don't talk like that anymore.

It makes me wish that I was born at a different time
Don't get me wrong,
I'm glad I'm here now but still.

I love the language they used to use on a daily basis
and I wish we still spoke like they did.
It was sophisticated and honorable.
And witty insults were abundant.
There wasn't any need for crude language
or swear words.
Courtship was determined by letters,
marriage as well.
And I am now a huge fan of letters ;)

All the world worried about was who was marrying whom,
whether or not they could survive on an amount of money,
and who's carriage they were to ride in to a party.

Plus can I just say that their dresses were gorgeous!
And flattering no matter your body shape.
I want to be able to wear dresses without worrying what I look like.
And I wish I knew how to do my hair all cute like that.

10 April 2010

More random Disney/Life/Thoughts

So yesterday I had my first Fantasyland shift.
It was way fun but a little confusing.
Because, obviously, I haven't worked there before.
But I loved wearing a skirt.
Not gonna lie ;)

I had my hair in braids,
therefore looking kinda like Heidi
(felt like I shoulda had some strudel or something)
but I enjoyed getting pixie dust all over me.
Reminded me of home and the Disney Store ;)
Maybe I'll train to be a FGIT if I can
(Fairy Godmother In Training)

Here are some more adventures from the past little while:
-discovered a Ralph's nearby and have been saving TONS
on groceries now ;)
-had my family here to visit and play in the park with
-went to Six Flags and it was terrible!
-passed my probationary period and can now land-hop
(hence Fantsyland today)
-went to our neighborhood farmers market
and bought fresh strawberries and sourdough bread
-ate at Cafe Orleans for the first time
-worked overtime
-got to tour the Dream Suite above Pirates of the Caribbean!!j
-bought my first ear hat ;)
-bought my first Star Wars shirt and I LOVE it!
-built more lightsabers than I can count
-been hit with more lightsabers than I can count
-countdown to Andrew coming home is in the double digits!!

Just a little of what's been going on ;)

04 April 2010


This is a great holiday.
We get to celebrate the rising of our Lord and Savior from the tomb.
No matter what religion you may be
we all have the same Savior.
And we all celebrate His life and His sacrifice and promise.

I cannot wait to meet my Savior when my time comes.
The promise of eternal life if I continue faithful
is the best promise I can think of.
So please take a minute today to
get away from the bunnies, chocolate, and material things.
And think of the reason for the season.
Christ our Savior that died for us and is ris'n
to be there for us when we need Him.

Happy Easter!