24 March 2010

Less than 3 months!

So I only have 3 months left my friends. ;)
3 months before I get to see my Andrew ;)
As time gets closer I start to lose track a little bit
because time has just flown by me since coming out to California.
But I'm excited nonetheless!

I miss him like crazy.
It's hard moving some place new and
not having my best friend around to talk to.
But that's all gonna change ;)

It's gonna be kinda weird for both of us when he gets back
but boy am I ready for him to come home!!!!
I'm so happy that I can't even hold it in!!!
He's my best friend and he holds my heart like no one else does ;)
Andrew is such a total dorkface
which is what makes him perfect for me because if he wasn't...
he probably wouldn't like me as much hahahaha

To quote one of my favorite songs:

"There ain't nothin gonna stop me now
cuz I'm almost there!!!"


  1. Holy cow! Three months left already? That's pretty awesome. By the way, I'm jealous of your knowing all the Disneyland secrets and you really need to fill me in on stuff. ;)

  2. It is so freaking close now. I hope you get to drive back to Mesa alot to see him when he gets here. Happy for you =)


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