24 March 2010

Less than 3 months!

So I only have 3 months left my friends. ;)
3 months before I get to see my Andrew ;)
As time gets closer I start to lose track a little bit
because time has just flown by me since coming out to California.
But I'm excited nonetheless!

I miss him like crazy.
It's hard moving some place new and
not having my best friend around to talk to.
But that's all gonna change ;)

It's gonna be kinda weird for both of us when he gets back
but boy am I ready for him to come home!!!!
I'm so happy that I can't even hold it in!!!
He's my best friend and he holds my heart like no one else does ;)
Andrew is such a total dorkface
which is what makes him perfect for me because if he wasn't...
he probably wouldn't like me as much hahahaha

To quote one of my favorite songs:

"There ain't nothin gonna stop me now
cuz I'm almost there!!!"

12 March 2010

Disneyland Days

So I work in Tomorrowland.
Land of the future.
Land of shirts-with-zippers-not-buttons.
Land of being a "space case".
But boy is it fun!

I get to make lightsabers everyday I'm at work.
Who else do you know that is a fully trained Jedi Knight?!
I also don't stay in the same place for very long.
When you're at work, you rotate between different places as well as different stores.
Within the same land though.
So I have worked at every store except Tomorrow Landing
cuz that's the hat shop and I'm not a hat writer
I had my check-in with my manager on Wednesday and I must say,
I love my management team.
And my leads ;)
Gabby gave me some great advice and she is hilarious
plus she's gona get me headed in the right direction to be a hat writer.
Which is something I have always wanted to do!!
I'm oober excited!!

Another thing I'm oober excited about is
*drumroll please*
I'm so excited!!!!
(that was expressed like Mole in Atlantis)
We are gonna have such a ball ;)

I love having little connections at Disneyland.
I know people from all lines of business at the resort.
(BTW "Disneyland Resort" consists of
the parks and hotels and Downtown Disney FYI)
Well let me qualify that a little.
I don't know many people in the support roles that are at our Team building
but I know tons at the parks and Downtown ;)
That counts right??

One of the coolest things that happened while I've been here
is that the Indiana Jones ride celebrated its 15th birthday!
So of course I took pictures with my Indiana Jones hat!

I know this is kinda a random post but hey I'm cool like that!
And Mickey Mouse loves me for my dorky self ;)
Here's a few more pictures of the characters I've met/crazy fun times!

Tiana and Naveen!

My first princess Ariel!!

Aladdin and Jasmine at their Oasis

That's right friends.
The Disney two-finger point
and MAX!

I had never seen Max in Disneyland before!
I was super excited!

(Ta Ta For Now)