14 February 2010

Valentine's Day/Thoughts

So today is the dreaded
"Single Awareness Day" and, while I have my missionary,
I am single for the moment.
BUT I don't feel sorry for myself at all ;)

I'm living my dream of working at Disneyland.
I make magical memories for kids everyday when I go to work.
I am part of a team that brings people together to
celebrate something important in their lives
and get to help make it the best day ever.
While I'm not wild about my location, I still love what I do.
How may people do you know that love going to work everyday?
Or that get to help people create memories that last forever?
I know I don't know many
except for the people that work for Mickey Mouse ;)

I have a super awesome family
that supports me all the time and always helps in a tight spot.
I got a totally cool Valentine's Day package from them
with CDs and homemade cookies
and necessary hot chocolate replenishment ;)
I couldn't have asked for a better family ;)

I have the most amazing guy writing to me on his mission.
He's my best friend
and I know he's always gonna be there for me.
He gives the greatest advice even when I don't ask for it.
He just knows.
(Probably partly having to do with the fact that he's a missionary)
I love the fact that he knows me and what I need
even if I haven't told him the problem yet.

My life is truly blessed. ;) ;)

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  1. Ali!!! Andrew comes home in like 4 months!!!! ahhh!!! I'm so excited for you guys!!! And, guess what?! My fam did that Give a Day, Get a Day thing for Disneyland tickets and we're going in June!! I'm so excited!


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