17 February 2010

I love to sing

I really do.
Of course that's not me but you get the picture.
(get it? There's a picture! Hahaha...ha....ha...ok)

Today is one of my days off this week
and I was able to be alone in the apartment
so I was singing and dancing around by myself and it was awesome!
I haven't sang in like forever!
Felt so good to stretch out my vocal chords again ;)

I miss singing in a choir
and just singing in general.
I'm not much of a soloist singer but I love to sing on my own.
I know that didn't make sense.
Let me explain:
I love singing by myself when no one can hear me ;)
I only perform with a group or in my room with the door closed

When I sing, the world goes away
and helps me deal with things.
Especially when I sing a song that means a lot to me.
I feel like me ;)
Yeah weird but true.
Maybe I'll take up a singing class or something when I get home?
I'd love to sing on Broadway
but then I'd have to see all the people....
that wouldn't end well hahahahaha

I know it was a random post but it was on my mind
so therefore it's here now ;)

What helps you get through stuff? For me it's singing.


  1. I love choir! I missed it so much that I signed up this semester at MCC. And I'm the same way. I am a group performer or behind the door singer. Lol.

    When I need to get over something, I usually only need to vent once about it and then I'm done. I don't like thinking about negative stuff so I don't. And then I read as a reward to my brain for not bringing the issue up again. Lol.

  2. It always depends on what I'm feeling. If I'm sad, I generally listen to sad music until I cry (and therefore feel better) or I read a book. If I'm angry, I drive and listen to angry and/or loud music. If I feel anxious and stressed, I listen to songs that make me happy and I sing along or I run. :)


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