01 February 2010

100th post!

100 posts!
That's huge.
And an awful lot of talking from my end ;)

So on this 100th post I decided to just write
what's on my mind.
Normally people have "themes" for their 100th post,
well I couldn't really think of one so I'll just write about a lot of them.

To start with:
Working at The Happiest Place on Earth.
It is awesome!
Watching kids' faces light up when
I mention something magical about the park.
(Examples: Jedi Training Academy or Princess Fantasy Faire
or Pixie Hollow)
In the Star Trader we have the
Build-Your-Own-Lightsaber station which is like the coolest thing ever.
And when they finish we call them Jedi and everything.
It's quite exciting let me tell you ;)
And watching the Jedi Training Academy is very very entertaining
definitely watch it if you come and have fun with it.

life on my own.
It's very exhilarating to be on my own.
Although I definitely miss being home
and being just down the hall from my parents
and my kitties.
I miss my kitties a lot.
BUT it's amazing to be living in my own apartment.
And my roomies are hilarious and we have a good time together ;)
(It helps that there's only 3 of us)

My missionary.
I finally got a letter from Andrew the other day
and he's doing great.
I couldn't be more proud of him
and the great things he helping with in Argentina.
He's an amazing guy and I'm so glad that
I get his letters and that he confides in me. ;)

I know this isn't the most exciting 100th post
but that's what's been on my mind ;)
And here are some pictures from the last weeks of Disneyland fun ;)

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  1. I love that last photo int the gazebo. I am happy you are loving the life at Disnelyland. =) PLUS Andrew is so few months away from coming home. That is NUTS. How exciting for you.


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