28 February 2010

Disneyland Adventures

So I've been here for 2 months
and I can't believe it's been that long!
Holy dang.....wow.
So here's a little sampling of what's happened
over the last 2 months:

-My roomies and I hosted a Nacho Libre nacho night
which was a huge success!
-We took over 500 PhotoPass pictures and bought a CD with our 50% off
before it expired ;)
-got to see a couple friends that came to the park
-got to meet Nicholas Cage and he told me to have a good day ;)
(called me by name too!)
-saw Kevin Jonas and his wife in Downtown Disney and waved
-trying to get over a cold
-trying to stay dry in this ever changing weather of rain in CA.
-got a letter from Andrew mailed to my actual address ;)
-got a package from my family ;)
-attended free pancake night at IHOP with friends.
-rode Space Mountain with the lights on!
-had a cast exclusive interview with Mickey at his house
-sucked at grocery bingo
-celebrated the Chinese New Year with homemade Chinese food
made by our CP Chinese friends ;)
-listened to Carson Jr High sing at Carnation Plaza
-started a "quotes poster" for the silly things we say while we're here
(example: "Stop stroking it Sam it's a PLATE!"- me)

Those are just a few of the things we've done ;)
We go to Disneyland all the time for free!
That pretty much trumps everything not gonna lie ;)

17 February 2010

I love to sing

I really do.
Of course that's not me but you get the picture.
(get it? There's a picture! Hahaha...ha....ha...ok)

Today is one of my days off this week
and I was able to be alone in the apartment
so I was singing and dancing around by myself and it was awesome!
I haven't sang in like forever!
Felt so good to stretch out my vocal chords again ;)

I miss singing in a choir
and just singing in general.
I'm not much of a soloist singer but I love to sing on my own.
I know that didn't make sense.
Let me explain:
I love singing by myself when no one can hear me ;)
I only perform with a group or in my room with the door closed

When I sing, the world goes away
and helps me deal with things.
Especially when I sing a song that means a lot to me.
I feel like me ;)
Yeah weird but true.
Maybe I'll take up a singing class or something when I get home?
I'd love to sing on Broadway
but then I'd have to see all the people....
that wouldn't end well hahahahaha

I know it was a random post but it was on my mind
so therefore it's here now ;)

What helps you get through stuff? For me it's singing.

14 February 2010

Valentine's Day/Thoughts

So today is the dreaded
"Single Awareness Day" and, while I have my missionary,
I am single for the moment.
BUT I don't feel sorry for myself at all ;)

I'm living my dream of working at Disneyland.
I make magical memories for kids everyday when I go to work.
I am part of a team that brings people together to
celebrate something important in their lives
and get to help make it the best day ever.
While I'm not wild about my location, I still love what I do.
How may people do you know that love going to work everyday?
Or that get to help people create memories that last forever?
I know I don't know many
except for the people that work for Mickey Mouse ;)

I have a super awesome family
that supports me all the time and always helps in a tight spot.
I got a totally cool Valentine's Day package from them
with CDs and homemade cookies
and necessary hot chocolate replenishment ;)
I couldn't have asked for a better family ;)

I have the most amazing guy writing to me on his mission.
He's my best friend
and I know he's always gonna be there for me.
He gives the greatest advice even when I don't ask for it.
He just knows.
(Probably partly having to do with the fact that he's a missionary)
I love the fact that he knows me and what I need
even if I haven't told him the problem yet.

My life is truly blessed. ;) ;)

01 February 2010

100th post!

100 posts!
That's huge.
And an awful lot of talking from my end ;)

So on this 100th post I decided to just write
what's on my mind.
Normally people have "themes" for their 100th post,
well I couldn't really think of one so I'll just write about a lot of them.

To start with:
Working at The Happiest Place on Earth.
It is awesome!
Watching kids' faces light up when
I mention something magical about the park.
(Examples: Jedi Training Academy or Princess Fantasy Faire
or Pixie Hollow)
In the Star Trader we have the
Build-Your-Own-Lightsaber station which is like the coolest thing ever.
And when they finish we call them Jedi and everything.
It's quite exciting let me tell you ;)
And watching the Jedi Training Academy is very very entertaining
definitely watch it if you come and have fun with it.

life on my own.
It's very exhilarating to be on my own.
Although I definitely miss being home
and being just down the hall from my parents
and my kitties.
I miss my kitties a lot.
BUT it's amazing to be living in my own apartment.
And my roomies are hilarious and we have a good time together ;)
(It helps that there's only 3 of us)

My missionary.
I finally got a letter from Andrew the other day
and he's doing great.
I couldn't be more proud of him
and the great things he helping with in Argentina.
He's an amazing guy and I'm so glad that
I get his letters and that he confides in me. ;)

I know this isn't the most exciting 100th post
but that's what's been on my mind ;)
And here are some pictures from the last weeks of Disneyland fun ;)