05 January 2010

Sherlock Holmes: book vs movie

So I saw Sherlock week of Christmas
(pretty sure Christmas Eve, but that whole week is a blur)
and thought it was ok.
Honestly it's cuz I'm reading the books right now
and of course Hollywood takes it to a whole new level of

First off, in the books, Watson is not this great fighting machine.
He is a military man,
but he's a surgeon people!
A surgeon! Not a combat soldier.
(although I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed
watching Jude Law kick some major butt)
Watson is Holmes' friend and associate in helping chronicle the cases.
That's about it in the books.

Now as for Sherlock.
Robert Downing Jr does a great job of capturing his essence but again,
Holmes' is no cage fighter either.
He can box and has considerable strength
and he does shoot the walls in the middle of the night or whenever he pleases.
But he does not have an affair with Irene Adler.
I found that odd but it's all good.
Although I am very glad that they did not show Holmes'
addiction to cocaine, it's the saddest part about Sherlock.

So I liked the movie,
once I stopped thinking about the books at the same time
I want to see it again so that I have a better feel for the movie itself.
But if you ever are in need of humor and incredible wit,
pick up the books of Sherlock Holmes.
They are amazing ;)

P.S. I leave Saturday for Disneyland........holy dang!

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