14 January 2010

First day as a Disneyland Cast Member/College Programmer!

So you would think that Disney is a pretty cool company to work for right?

Well IT IS!

For our first orientation we had an information fair
where we got lots of free stuff
like pens, pins, and such which is awesome!
Then they had a panel of former CP'ers
(College Programmers)
talking to us and answering questions which was helpful.
Then the coolest thing happened.

We got to tour part of the park AFTER HOURS!!!!!!

Yes friends, there was no one in the park but us and the custodial cast.

Oh my gosh!

It was the coolest experience I've ever had,
learning more about the history of Disneyland
and about the history of Walt
and Disney in general.

I don't know how many of you know that there is a clock in the castle.
If you have your back to the carousel,
and look straight at the castle above the chandelier
there it is.
No it doesn't work.
It's actually set to the time that Walt Disney died in 1966.
Which is super cool!

Oh and did you know that all the money
dropped into the wishing wells/fountains
is donated to charities
like the Make-A-Wish Foundation and others?
Yeah cool right?!
Make sure you stop by the fountains in any of the Disney parks
and donate your dreams and wishes
to make others come true. ;)

Today we had our "Traditions" class
which is our orientation into the Company as a whole.
It was chalked full of info and awesome videos of the magic
that we will be creating as a cast member.
(I'll admit I teared up multiple times)
Many times when Walt was talking it was like he was actually there.
After the morning we got to tour the park and learn all we wanted to know.
I now know some very interesting Disney magic
that of course I will not be telling you. ;)
It's all Pixie Dust ;)

After we were done with our class we were about to leave
when we remembered we needed our company IDs
and name tags before we left.
The cast members were playing dumb about it
and said that there was someone special
here to give us our IDs and stuff.
Now we had been hearing this all day already
and it usually turned out to be a movie of Walt speaking
about us and the company.
Therefore that's what we thought.
But they had closed the curtains so we thought that it was
just a mistake and they were gonna open them to show a movie.
Then we heard
"I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing - that it was all started by a mouse."
Lo and behold they opened it and there was MICKEY MOUSE!!
We screamed and jumped up in our seats clapping
and some of us were crying
(yes including me)
and it was then that we knew we were an official part of this thing
we call the Disney Magic!

After Mickey led us out of the class we got our IDs
and were able to go to the park!!
Did I mention for free?!
Yeah so me and my roommates spent the evening at Disneyland
and we had so much fun!

We had to get a picture in front of the castle

Space Mountain!! Heck yes!

Celebratory ice cream! ;)

Morgan's celebratory ice cream

Whitney's celebratory ice cream

So all in all, a very exciting first week! And we're off to the park today,
tomorrow, and Saturday ;)

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  1. Sooooo a little bit jealous!!!! Srsly! Looks like fun!!! :D I can't wait to find out where you work! Maybe I'll be able to come see you in the next month or so ish. ;D

    Can't wait to hear more!! <3


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