31 December 2010

Resolutions and hopes

Yeah I know,
it's another one of those posts that everyone is writing.
But it is the start of a new year
and therefore time to think of starting fresh.

As I thought of this past year,
a lot has definitely happened.
A lot of big things too:
-moved to Cali
-worked at Disneyland
-met so many wonderful people
-got engaged
-got my two jobs back
-met another wonderful class of kindergarteners whom I love
-moved out (again)
-got married

Now for 2011 I want to:
-go on at least 3 vacations with my husband
-learn to decorate better
-start cooking and baking again
-read more new books
-go to the temple often
-think better of myself
-go on dates often
-become a mother
-become more involved in volunteering and serving others

My hope is that if I am able to do these things
my life will be better,
my testimony will grow,
I will be able to touch lives for good,
become a better person,
and Andrew and I will grow closer to each other and to God.

What's on your list?

29 December 2010


Ok so it's kinda like Christmas and wedding stuff together
but more Christmas ;)
So I was gonna take my camera and take pictures of
what we got and everything and
I left the battery in the charger, not the camera......
Yeah I know.


So from Haley we each got a smell.
Andrew's is this:And mine is this:

And they both smell delish!!
Which is a big deal where Andrew is concerned cuz cologne
does NOT mesh very often with him.

Who remembers these???

Probably one of my favorite parts of Christmas.
These things are yummy beyond all reason
and Andrew and I both got one.

Gift certificate to my favorite restaurant!

Ok my mom got the stuff but I got the bag!
It was Bath and Body's special bag this year.
It's actually a lot cuter in person promise.

My grandparents gave us a piggy bank full of money!
It was awesome!
($104 of awesome!)
We counted it on the floor and everything

We got a popcorn popper for our wedding!

I basically have enough bakeware to start my own bakery

A kick butt Shark iron!

And pyrex!
Always good for baking and cooking fun things ;)

We got so many wonderful gifts and ornaments!
I'm so grateful for those that gave to us
and are helping us start out ;)

How was your Christmas??

28 December 2010

God's Creations

We recieved the DVD:
planet earth by Discovery
and I watched it today and was amazed.

Just think of how many creatures
are here on this earth.
In the ocean, the jungles, the mountains,
in the hills, and all over.

It amazes me how Heavenly Father created
all these animals
for us to see, to study, to understand.
And how they all have their own place
in the chain of life.
Everything in its place,
and living its purpose.

Whenever I look at the ocean or mountains,
I always feel so small.
But at the same time, I feel closer
to God by those big places
because I know He created them
and He knows little old me
even standing next to a giant mountain
or the endless ocean,
He sees me and knows my name.

I know this is kind of a weird post but
I just felt like I needed to
express my awe and gratitude
for God's creations.
Including myself, that He loves me enough
to show me all kinds of life,
and such majestic places for me to enjoy.

27 December 2010


Ok so we're officially married!
Basically best day ever ;)
But I don't have many pictures yet so
THAT post will have to wait a little.
BUT I have stuff from our cruise!
We went on a Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Inspiration
to Grand Cayman and Cozumel Mexico.
Super fun!
Here are a few pics to entertain you all ;)

The "levels" or decks ;)

The "Empress deck"

They apparently really wanted to try to be a Disney cruise
fake hidden Mickeys all over the place hahahaha

Andrew and I flat out guffawed over this sign

On our tender to Grand Cayman

A shot of where we would've come into port if possible

Cozumel Mexico

He was pooped out after all our runnings around
and apparently I was taking up too much space on the bed

My wannabe GQ husband hahaha so handsome

Room service!

Our "window"

The view from our hotel room ;)

The sunset in Tampa ;)

We had so much fun being together and spending time in
these fun places!
I look forward to more vacations together yay!

We're an old married couple now ;)

16 December 2010

Today is the beginning

Basically today my happily ever after begins ;)

I'm so happy already it's hard to believe
I will receive more happiness in the next life.
I love my Andrew and he is my light and life.
Thank goodness for family and friends keeping me sane
through the waiting of his mission and this little
interlude of time of the engagement.

It's time to ride off into the sunset with my prince
and start our life together as husband and wife.
It's gonna be weird being called "Ali Mills".
But I have been waiting for this day for 3 years.
And now it's here!
I love my family, my friends, and my dearest one Andrew.

I love my Heavenly Father and I can't thank
Him enough for the opportunity we have to be
sealed together for time and all eternity.
And that we can be sealed to our children also.
A forever family,
that starts today at His holy temple.

We're getting married!!!!!!

That's right, this part of the best blog post
of this eternity is coming from Andrew himself.
I love Ali with all my heart and we're finally there!
For those of you who follow her you already know...
But she is the most amazing woman in the entire world.
(and don't let anyone say otherwise,
even her, she's just humble)
Thanks to all, and to all, say hello to the new Mrs. Mills

We're getting married!!!!!!!!

06 December 2010

I've been feeling creative

So I've been really wanting to do something creative.
Then at my bachelorette party my friend Noelle
gave me this awesome vase thing
that would be awesome to do something with.
And then an idea struck me as I was walking around Wal-Mart today.

I walked by the Christmas stuff
(waiting for the pharmacy to re-open had to kill time)
and saw these cute little ornaments
in different colors but I loved the red and silver the most.
And then it was a light bulb came on inside.
I could put them in the vase!!
And then I saw this really cool white flower thing that worked wonderfully
for the middle of the centerpiece.

And lo!
Here is the finished product!
I'm so proud of myself and I'm gonna make it a goal
to try to fix it up with new arrangements every so often.

a better angle on the flower

And it was super cheap too!!
The little ones were $3 and the bigger ones were $5.
Ribbon was $1 ;)

30 November 2010

Moving Day!

I'm moving into our apartment tomorrow
so I won't be able to post for a little while.
(gotta unpack and get the Internet up first ;) )

But I wanted to leave you with my
current playlist.

Now keep in mind that I am a huge Broadway and Disney person,
with a little miscellaneous sprinkled in.
So don't judge hahahaha

"Some Things are Meant to be" - Little Women the Musical
"When Will My Life Begin" - Tangled
"So Small" - Carrie Underwood
"Can't Take it In" - Imogen Heap
"Fantasmic!" - Bruce Headley (Disneyland Show)
"The Only Exception" - Glee Version
"Defying Gravity" - Wicked
"Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" - Phantom of the Opera
"He Lives in You" - Lebo M
"Bleeding Love" -Leona Lewis
"Party in the U.S.A." - Miley Cyrus
"Last Name" - Carrie Underwood
"Our Song" - Taylor Swift
"Can I Have This Dance" - High School Musical 3 (hahahaha yeah....)
"Citizen of the Planet" - Alanis Morissette
"Madness" - Alanis Morissette
"Come to My Garden/Lift Me Up" - Secret Garden the Musical
"I See the Light" - Tangled
"Almost There" - Princess and the Frog
"Remember...Dreams Come True" - Disneyland 50th Fireworks Show

Just to name a few. ;)

What's on your list??

25 November 2010

My List of Thankfulness

I have so much to be grateful for.

First off, my soon-to-be husband.

In 3 short weeks, we'll be sealed for time and all eternity!
Can I just say YIPEE!!
Andrew just lights up my day and makes everything feel better.
I'm so grateful for a man that listens to me, comforts me,
indulges me, loves me, and shows me that love everyday.

Second, my parents.

They are my rock.
My examples, and I want to be them when I grow up.
My mom is pretty much my best friend,
and I know I can talk to my dad about
anything and he'll know just what to say.
They help keep me grounded and
remind me of what's really important.

Third, my crazy brothers.

Oh brothers.
Both of them hahahahaha
I'm so proud of Nick and that he's serving a mission
in Pennsylvania.
He's an amazing missionary and
I'm happy for the blessings
that we as a family get from his service.
And Trev, crazy silly goofy Trev.
I'm grateful for him and his never-ending fountain of energy.
He's very talented and he'll make a big name for himself
on the stage (hopefully he'll remember his broke
sister with all his millions hahahaha)

Fourth, my grandparents.

They are such an inspiration to me.
My examples of a happy marriage, eternal love,
and strength through trials.
Surviving cancer (twice), and 4 surgeries in 7 months
takes lots of strength and they are amazing and living proof
that prayers and blessings work through the Priesthood.

Last but not least, my BFF Kayde.

I don't know where I'd be without her.
She's there for me when I need her,
gives me fashion advice (which I desperately need),
and is willing to drop everything and come when I am in need.
We've had our ups and downs but overall,
we're still the best of friends and I couldn't be more grateful for her. ;)

Here's my list.
What's on yours?

Happy Thanksgiving!

22 November 2010

Bridal Shower

So this past Saturday I had my bridal shower.
Ya know, the one where ward people come and such?
Yeah, it was super fun!

Look at how cute the food table was!

And a candy bar!!
(Do you notice the cuteness on the shelf above??
Andrew and I are adorable if I do say so myself hahahaha)

Ok so ignore my ugly face and look at that adorable apron I now own!!
I am simply in love with it!

I wore it the rest of the time cuz it was so awesome!

One of the lovely ladies that threw the shower needed someone to hold the baby,
I gladly volunteered cuz he's stinkin cute!
And super mild ;)

I pretty much was ecstatic about this gift!
I know it's kinda blurry sorry,
but that's Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas DVD
and it also came with mugs, hot chocolate, and a cookie jar
All Mickey and Minnie ;)
Super amazing!
Thank you Ences!!

I'm in love with these canisters.
Anyone else??
I'm definitely putting candy in these and doing some sort
of cute arrangement in my kitchen with them.
Any suggestions???

This was after I showed him all our loot
and this is also a typical Andrew picture.
Eyes slightly drunk and cheesy half-smile hahahahaha

It was such a fun shower and I got so many amazing things!
I couldn't be happier that my second mom and "older sister"
were able to throw it for me!
Thanks Kristen and Stephanie!

17 November 2010

Disneyland Sing-Along Songs DVD

Ok who else remembers this awesomeness of a video?
Seeing the park before it opened,
characters on rides,
(rides that no longer exist),
cheesy lines??

Oh my friends I just relived pretty much everyday of my childhood
in the past 30 minutes of this DVD ;)
Makes me so happy!

13 November 2010


So this week my mom and I focused on cake and reception decorations.
Mainly speaking, the centerpieces for said reception.

And they turned out so super cute!!

I mean HELLO!!
Cuteness in a jar ;)

And you wanna know how super easy it was??
SUPER easy!
I'm sure a lot of you know how to do this already
but I'm gonna tell y'all anyways cuz I'm excited about it!
My first DIY project hahahaha
(well my first successful DIY project)

1. So you take your basic canning jar cuz they're super cheap,
wash them on the outside (and inside if you so desire).

2. While they're drying look on the computer for designs you like
and then print them out on label/sticker paper.
(You can also use just regular stickers but we didn't find any
cute big letter stickers for our particular project)

3. After the jars are dry, apply the sticker to wherever
on the jar you wish and make sure it's on firmly.

4. With a can of frosted glass treatment
(buy it at Micheal's for 4 bucks)
spray about 10-12 inches away from you
and continuously around the jar.
Now do this part in a well-ventilated place mmk?
We did it in the "dining room" area in our house
and I think I'm still high from the fumes hahahahaha
The jars won't look frosted after you spray them.
It takes about 10 minutes before the effect happens
but don't panic it's ok!

5. After they feel dry just peel off the sticker and there ya have it!

5 easy steps and really it was super cheap and fun to do!
Now I will also tell you that my mom and I
bought like 4 cans of the frost thinking we'd need it.
We did 36 jars on one can and still have some left over.

It was super fun and they are so stinkin cute!
(And after the wedding I'll have 36 jars with "A"'s and "M"'s on them.
Anyone want some?? hahahahaha)
And we just added ribbon on the top to make it cute.
The lights inside are those fake little tealights that are battery-operated.
Got them at Cosco for like 30 bucks for 30 lights.
(Differing sizes too)

Oh I'm so excited!!
The wedding is only 4 1/2 weeks away!!
Stressful and exciting all at the same time ;)

09 November 2010

Almost that time of year!!

Well to me November is the start of everything Christmas and happiness ;)
Also my favorite time of the year, bar none.
November 1st is finally time for the Christmas smell.
Yeah I have a smell for Christmas. ;)

This smell is by far my favorite thing in the whole world.
It smells like sugar cookies and carmel.
I mean HELLO!
Amazing and delicious!

We also took our wedding pictures on Saturday
(yeah I know a little early but I want some of them at the reception so HA!)
Andrew looked so handsome ;)
He walked up in his tux and I kinda melted a little.
Ok maybe a lot hahahaha
and no I'm not gonna post pictures yet cuz it's still 6 weeks away.
But here's a preview of my hair to pacify ;)

Just imagine it without the little piece refusing to stay put.
(hair spray works wonders)

And then today I went to Deseret Book cuz I've been needing new scriptures,
my set from Seminary is starting to fall apart
(sad day...)
Plus I thought
"Hey now I can put my soon-to-be-married name on my scriptures! Woot!"
And yes friends.
I did ;)

I think it can now be official.
The scriptures say so hahahaha ;)
And yeah they're little.
I like them little.
MUCH easier to carry around church now.

And as we're starting to get closer to the holidays,
I realize how lucky I am.
I have loving parents that deal with me,
brothers that are crazy and annoying but keep me entertained,
grandparents that are such strong examples,
two jobs that provide for my needs (and occasional wants),
friends that help keep me grounded,
a testimony that helps keep me strong when times are rough,
a loving fiance that is soon-to-be my eternal best friend.

I'm so grateful for everything in my life.
Trials included.
I couldn't have become who I am if not for those experiences.
I'm especially grateful for a Heavenly Father that cares for me,
knows me by name and gave His only Son to help save me.
I'm not perfect, far from it actually,
but through Christ and the Father I can live with Them again.
And that is something to be truly grateful for.

01 November 2010

Our weekend in Utah and my lame-o birthday

So last weekend Andrew and I took a trip up to Utah
to visit his companions and for me to meet them ;)
Super fun!
And do I have any proof that I met them?
Cuz we are lame and forgot our camera to document hahahaha

But it was so much fun to meet all the Utah comps ;)
Well most of them anyway.
Staying with Chad and Anais was definitely the most fun I've had in a long time
(check out their blog here).

Just a taste of what happened:
-introducing me to Argentine food
(delish BTW)
-driving all around Provo, Sandy, and Murray
-going to PPT for some crazy times
-meeting Andrew's MTC district
(yes, he was the only non-Utahan hahahaha)
-a quad ride up a mountain to see the city lights
-freezing in the rain and cold

And again, I apologize for the lameness that is us for forgetting our camera.

And then this past Friday was my birthday.
And at 1 in the morning, I woke up
throwing up......
and it continued all day.
Happy 22nd birthday to me right?
BUT Andrew was super amazing and stayed with me all day.
Helped me sleep and made me toast hahahahaha
So the day of the birthday sucked but it would've been worse if not for him
and my mom making me toast first thing
when she got up that morning and giving me hugs
(and all the birthday texts from my buddies).

Today it made up for the lameness though.
When I walked into my classroom,
the kids all yelled "Happy Birthday Miss Ali!"
It's amazing how good 17 5-year olds can make you feel.
A couple of them had presents for me
(a pencil, leftover Halloween candy, etc)
and they had all made a poster for me and cards too ;)
Those kids just light up my life and I'm so happy I get to work with them everyday!

22....I feel so old!
I know I know I'm supposedly super young
but I feel old.
My little brother is on a mission,
my baby brother is 15 and involved in more activities just this year
than I have been in my entire life!
Oh and I'm gaining a sister that's in college!
Hahahahahaha crazy.....

I remember looking back on my 21st birthday and thinking I hadn't done much.
And now after my 22nd I've done a ton:
-worked at Disneyland
-work in kindergarten
-learning Spanish little by little
-got engaged
-have friends cross country
-now been officially been on a road trip
and I'm sure there's more ;)

I'm super happy with how my life is.
I know I complain sometimes but overall,
it pretty much rocks ;)
Not gonna lie.
Not to mention the fact that we get to take our bridal pictures on Saturday ;)
I can't wait for Andrew to see my dress ;)

19 October 2010

Couple more chunks out of the way

First chunk: We have now secured our apartment!!
We'll be living in Coral Point apartments on Maine!
I'm so stinkin excited ;) ;)

The people there were really nice to us,
and after looking at one apartment we knew this was the place.
After about 2 1/2 hours in the office with paperwork and all,
we have our apartment and a move in date of Dec 1st!
(Just have the get a SRP account and internet set up before then)
I've been sitting in my room trying to figure out how to fit everything.
It's small but really nice for a first apartment ;)
I'm super excited for it!
Of course I'll put up pictures once we get to that point
(totally skipped my mind and then we couldn't after we signed cuz they were busy).

Second chunk was getting the tuxes reserved for the guys.
Again, the Mens Warehouse people are wonderful.
They didn't pressure us into anything,
didn't try to make us do weird combinations and it was just nice.
We just need to get the groomsmen all fitted within the next 3 weeks.
I think we can make that happen ;)

It's coming up so fast! 2 months!
That's it!!!
I'm excited but a little frazzled cuz there's still so much to do!
Luckily I have the best fiance ever.
He keeps my head clear and rubs my feet after rough days
which just makes the world that much better ;)

Things left to do:
-bridesmaids covers & shoes
-send out the announcements
-order the flowers
-do the centerpieces for the tables

I'm sure there's more I just can't remember them all right now hahahahaha

Third chunk: My wedding dress is now hanging in my brother's closet!!! ;)
(my closet isn't big enough or tall enough)
*giggle giggle*
I'm so excited!

14 October 2010

My latest readings

Other than the tons of wedding books
I've been looking through for ideas,
I have finally finished a series I started when I was 9,
and started a new one that I've been dying to read.

So to start, I'll talk about the one I just finished this morning.
When I moved here to Mesa,
I spent a lot of time reading
cuz I didn't make friends right away.
We went to the library a lot,
and I've always been a fan of fantasy.
So when I saw Into the Land of the Unicorns by Bruce Coville,
I thought, heck why not?
It's very short seeing as it's the first in the series,
but I fell in love with it.
About a girl named Cara Hunter who is thrown into the world of Luster.
The world of the Unicorns.
But Cara is part of a terrible secret,
one she doesn't even know she's a part of yet.
It's just a truly magical world Coville creates.

Then I found the second one
Song of the Wanderer and loved it still more.
It was 3 times as long as the first one.
But then the third one wasn't even printed yet!
I was 11 and devastated because it didn't sum anything up!

A few years later, (more like 8 years)
my mom was working at MacArthur Elementary and called me.
"You'll never guess who's here doing a show for the kids!" She said.
"Who?" I said.
"Bruce Coville! Get your butt down here and bring your books!"
So I did and I got to meet him and
he signed all three of the books I had from him.
I asked him when the third book was going to come.
I had after all been waiting for it for years.
He blushed and said
"I'm ashamed at how long it's taken me to finally get it ready.
You are not the only one that has asked me about them.
You're also not the only one that has grown up before they were finished.
I promise it will be finished within the year."
And the third one was.
But apparently it wasn't the end!!!

I had to wait til this year when the fourth and final book came out.
A 12 year series!!!
But now it has finally ended. ;)
And it was the coolest ending ever!
If you have a little girl that is into fantasy,
give her the Unicorn Chronicles books.

Ever heard of the Great and Terrible Beauty series?
About a girl named Gemma who posses power beyond her understanding.
Her mother dies, but her spirit comes to try to teach her.
I finished the first one and am starting on the second.I really like them so far.
The girl that sold me the books told me they were her
"guilty pleasure books".
Which was not what I wanted to hear but they aren't like that at all.
I'm really excited about a new series that I can get into ;)
I needed something like The Hunger Games and this is just like it.
Keeps the suspense and is easy to read too.

What are you reading??
I love suggestions for the next thing on my list to read ;)