27 December 2009

Things that make me happy :)

My good friend Lauren said to make a list of things that make us happy.
So I am ;)

There are so many things that make me happy,
but I'm gonna put on here the things that
make me happiest ;)

1. Working with kids

I've been doing this since forever.
I don't remember a time in my life when I wasn't working with kids.
I love this job cuz you can have fun,
teach them all you know,
and love them without really trying.
Kids are so incredibly intuitive.
They know when you're having a bad day
and 90% of the time they will try to make it better for you.
(Of course there's the obnoxious 10%)
I can't wait til I have my own children
and feel the immense joy in them ;)

2. Books

I love to read.
When I was first learning to read I hated it
but then I discovered the magic they bring to my life
and haven't been able to stop reading.
I love going into bookstores.
They have that smell of new/old books just waiting for someone to come
and open its pages.
I could spend an entire lifetime in a bookstore
and not miss anything ;)

3. Bath and Body Works socks

Oh my gosh!
Heaven on feet my friends.
These socks have saved my feet from much ache and pain.
Plus they are super soft and warm.
No I do not wear them to work or anywhere but home.
I don't want to waste them on that!
And the best thing about them is that they are only $5!
Yeah get yourself a pair ladies!

4. Broadway musicals

I've mentioned this before,
and I'll say it again.
I love live theater and especially live musicals.
There's just something about watching actors
sing and dance and act the story out.
I've always wanted to do that but I don't possess that kind of talent.
So I enjoy watching them and singing the songs.
If you have never seen a Broadway show
PLEASE go find one to see!
It's a beautiful thing to behold.

5. Music

I love music.
I love how it can make your day so much better
or express your feelings better than you can.
I constantly have a song in my head
and am humming it everywhere I go ;)
It definitely makes me happy

6. Disney

Now of course this was gonna be on my list.
I mean look at the name of my blog people.
Now I want you to know that I love Disney for what it has brought to the world.
Look at what Walt brought to us.
He brought magic and wonder to us all
just by picking up a pen and drawing a little steamboat mouse.
You cannot go anywhere in this world
where they don't know Disney.
It's a universal language that everyone knows.
Plus how may companies do you know that still value families
and morals?
I know that it's not many.
I will forever be a fan of Walt Disney and his company.
He brought magic to me
and I will continue to spread it ;)

7. Andrew my missionary.

I just talked about him and his wonderfulness ;)
You can read all about him if you look in my archive of posts.
In a nutshell:
He's amazing and is strengthening me from Argentina.
Coming home in 6 months ;)
Teaching the people and learning from them also.

Ok so now that I've made my list......


  1. Yay Ali!!! :D hehe Happy things. Less than 6 months to go!!! ;D

    I guess I should post my own happy list. hehe It'll have to wait for a little while, though. =/ I just updated today. XD

    <3 ya!

  2. I have to point out how happy I was to hear RENT when I came on your blog.

    I can't believe they took it off Broadway, it was so outstanding and the theatre so perfect. I'm glad that I at least got to see it live on Broadway before they took it off! It's just not the same when its a touring B'way show. :(

    But alas, the awesome music still lives on!

  3. I love working with kids too! And books, and Disney, but I don't know Andrew so I can't say for certain that I love him...


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