09 December 2009

"I'm almost there..."

"People think I'm crazy,
but I don't care...
There ain't nothin gonna stop me now cuz I'm almost there.

There've been trials and tribulations,
I know I've had my share,
but I've climbed a mountain and I've crossed a river
and I'm almost there!
I'm almost there,
I'm almost there!!"

It's amazing to me how music
can put you in the right mood for anything.
Sometimes it moves you to a completely new level
and that's always the best.
It's also amazing how the radio plays just the right song
at the right time too.

This song (above) is from Princess and the Frog
but I discovered it has more meaning for me than I expected.
I love this song because it's Tiana talking to her mom
about her dream restaurant
but when I listened to it over and over again,
I realized it also had meaning for me.

Waiting for Andrew has been so difficult.
I mean really difficult sometimes.
No, not because I'd rather be dating or anything like that
(*psh please....)
It's just hard to have someone you love so much so far away from you.
But as Tiana said "I'm almost there".

6 months this Christmas,
6 months til I see his face again,
hear his voice and be able to talk to him.
6 months til my dreams start coming true.
6 months is all ;)

"I've climbed a mountain and I've crossed a river and I'm almost there!"
Girl you got that right!

I'm almost there!!!

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