22 December 2009

Andrew. The Argentine Missionary ;)

Look at how SKINNY he is friends!!
Holy crap!

Anyways! Doesn't he look so cute and
like a servant of the Lord in this picture?
(I see an Ensign cover in his future) ;)

I got a package from him yesterday with some pictures and a tape.
I was so excited, like I always am,
and it was awesome so hear his voice ;)
His English is just now starting to slur and break
which is hilarious seeing as he only has 6 months left.

He promised to write me
although it might not happen often during this last bit,
which is ok.
He's busy and that's good cuz I know there are people that need his help
more than I need his letters.
(I requested at least 2-3 over the 6 months,
hopefully that's not too difficult) ;)

I am so proud of Andrew.
I couldn't be more proud and happy for him.
He's learning so much and meeting tons of new people
and learning how to see things in a different light.
And by learning these things,
he's teaching me too.

He even complimented me on my Spanish
(the TINY bit I know from working in kindergarten)
and said that if we ever went back to Argentina
he'd have to train me to emphasize the right syllable
for their particular Spanish. ;)
I SOOOO don't want to offend anyone that's for sure hahahahaha

He sounds so different but he's still the crazy/funny guy
I fell for hahahaha.
I giggled many times while listening to this tape.
My brother came in cuz he didn't know why I was laughing
so hard.......he's funny remember?
He knows me so well it's hilarious.
He'll say something and then say my reaction to it
and he's usually spot-on.

I know I write about him a lot but he is a huge part of me
and it's so cool to have him write to me and tell me
all the fun stuff from mission life.
He also tells me the insights he has every now and then
(I'm sure he gets more than he tells me)
and it helps me to think differently as well.

Only 6 months left!!!
"I'm almost there!"


  1. Ohh, where to begin! First of all, I love that picture of him!!! He looks great! Definitely Ensign picture potentional or something...haha! Second of all, I love this: "He's busy and that's good cuz I know there are people that need his help
    more than I need his letters." I need that reminder, too, so thanks!!! haha!

    <3 Anais

  2. He will be here so soon now. That is CRAZY to think about. You have done such a good job Babe. Props to both of you. Woohoo.


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