29 November 2009

Top Things to Do/See at Disneyland

Now I'm making this list before I go work there
so this will probably change slightly after August. ;)
They are also in no particular order.
I'm going by how Blogger uploaded them hahahaha

Indiana Jones

By far my favorite ride! I don't really know why.
I hate snakes, it's bumpy etc but boy is it the BEST!
My favorite ;)

Pixie Hollow

This is a new attraction at Disneyland for all those little fairies out there.
Big fairies are allowed too ;)
Meet Tink and her new friends all day long here at Pixie Hollow ;)


OK some might think this place is hokey but I love it.
It's so adorable
you can meet Mickey Mouse any time you're there
(between like 9-5)
he's there to take pictures with you ;)

Space Mountain

Like the best roller coaster on this planet.
I love the music for this ride too.
It's epic.
Another must do!
(beware, do NOT put your arms up in this ride. BAD idea)

Pirates of the Caribbean

The classics never die my friends.
Never die.
This ride has been re-done ish to add Jack Sparrow and such to the cast
but overall, it's still the same awesome ride!
Just a couple readjustments ;)
"Dead Men Tell No Tales"
(P.S. The Blue Bayou is delicious! SOO worth the money)

Princess Faire

Like Pixie Hollow, this is where little princesses
can meet the classic heroines from their favorite stories.
Different princesses are there throughout the day so who knows who you'll meet?
Definitely a way cool place to be.
They also do storybook time and princess makeovers ;)

Peter Pan's Flight

This is my favorite Fantasyland ride.
I wait in line for it every time I go.
It's so worth it!
It may seem silly but ya know what?
Don't care ;)
For anyone that likes pixie dust and happy thoughts,
this ride takes you to a NeverLand you won't forget ;)

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

This one is a family tradition for my family.
We always go on this ride cuz it's so fun!
If you haven't seen Wind in the Willows
YouTube it and the ride is like the movie.
Thoroughly awesome! Worth the wait again.

Haunted Mansion

I love this ride too.
It's a nice and relaxing ride,
though haunted by spirits from beyond our world
"Be sure to bring your death certificate"
From Halloween through Christmas time
Haunted Mansion is all done up in
Nightmare Before Christmas and that's awesome!
Jack is one of my favorite characters ;)


This one got 2 pictures because I love it so much.
Fantasmic! is my favorite part of Disneyland.
I'm not exactly sure why
but probably because it has all my favorite people in it.
There's princesses, pirates, Peter and Wendy,
bad guys, waterworks, fireworks, light effects, etc.
It's all about the power of Mickey's imagination ;)

Soarin Over California

Yes this is not at Disneyland.
It's in California Adventure.
I'm still not completely sold on that park yet
but maybe since I'll be there
it'll grow on me ;)
This is by far the coolest ride!
You're in a "helicopter thingy" flying over different parts of Cali.
You can smell the different things like:
the orange trees, the ocean, the pine trees, the forests, etc.
It's so cool!
And of course you end the ride by soarin over Disneyland
with fireworks!

So this is my list for now ;)
See any of your favorites??

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  1. Oh my gosh. I LOVE This!!!! AHHH!!!! I wanna go back right NOW!


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