24 November 2009

My obsessions

I have many.
Yes I do.

So here are a few to entertain you for a bit:

1. Disney

As I have already stated,
I have a problem with buying Disney stuff.
Working at the Disney Store really doesn't help the situation
like at all.
I get 20% off and therefore everything is WAY more appealing ;)
I collect all sorts of stuff from Disney but movies, plush, and snowglobes are my biggest ones.
I have 10 snowglobes, 2 jumbo bags of plush, an tons of Disney movies.
Yes I must say.
I am obsessed.
And I love it!

2. Books

Nothing makes me happier than curling up with a good book.
I love to read.
I didn't used to though.
I hated learning to read, I hated going to the library at school
until I was in 2nd grade and had the coolest teacher on the planet.
She taught me all sorts of tricks and how to read faster.
Then I started racing through books,
I couldn't read any of them fast enough.
My favorites are mostly European classics like:
Three Musketeers, Les Miserables, Jane Eyre, Peter Pan,
Phantom of the Opera, Count of Monte Cristo, etc.
My dreamy day is when it's raining,
curled up with a book in a fleece blanket
with a mug of hot chocolate.
Mmmmm yes ;)

3. Movies

I'm in love with movies
My dad was a film major
therefore I've seen a ton of movies
and I know way more than any normal person should.
Ask me a question ad I'll most likely know the answer
(or I'll ask my daddy ;) )

4. Chocolate

I love chocolate.
It's truly from heaven above friends ;)

5. Broadway Musicals

I love going to musicals.
For some reason I get this surge of adrenaline when I see one.
I cry when the music starts,
I cry when the curtain falls
(unless it's a horrible show obviously)
I'm just a sucker for amazing music that moves me.
I probably love these songs so much
because they are sung with such passion
and feeling cuz they're acting at the same time.
You can feel their despair, hate, anger, love, joy, etc
in their voices and that's what makes them great.

I know there's only 5 right now but honestly I couldn't think of more....
at this moment in time anyway ;)

Oh wait!


Him. ;) ;)

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