15 November 2009

Movie review

Ok so I love this movie!
I am a HUGE Sandra Bullock fan and I tolerate Ryan Reynolds usually.
I really liked him in this one though.
(his part in Wolverine was just pathetic....I mean really....)
But anyways! Back to the awesomeness that is The Proposal.

Meet Margaret:

A successful businesswoman in the book industry.
She also is from Canada and her Visa is expired.

Meet Andrew:

Margaret's assistant.
All he wants to to have his book published so he tries to kiss her butt enough to get it in.

The problem:
Margaret went to a book convention (somewhere...I can't remember where)
and because of that her Visa has been revoked and she has to go back to Canada.
Unless she finds some way to stay.

Andrew happens to walk into the meeting and she has an idea.

"We're getting married" she says to her bosses.

(Look out Margaret I think he might eat you....)
Now this was not what Andrew signed up for when he works for her.
She blackmails him into it and he agrees so that he can get his book published finally.

And then they go to the Immigration office to get her all sorted out.
In the process, she agrees to go to Alaska to meet his family.
(to make it legit)
Little does she know that things would change and happen over those 3 days ;)

Now of course I'm not gonna tell you all that happens but man you have to watch it!
It's absolutely hilarious!
An "exotic" stripper, a 90-year old chanting grandma, a crazy dog, etc.
Just doesn't get any better ;)

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  1. hahahaha I loved that movie! XD It was great! I need to watch it again, though.


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