22 November 2009

Life moves pretty fast.

This season makes me think and reflect a lot.
Not sure why but it totally does.
I was just sitting in my room today
and thinking about my life.
So far.

And so far I've led a pretty good life ;)
Yes I have ;)
I've ha my share of loss, sadness, heartache, etc
but for the majority of it,
I've had a blessed and charmed life.

No, I'm not dying or anything.
I know that totally sounded like an eulogy sorry!
I've just been thinking as I'm about to leave home for the first time,
and remembering the things I've learned,
I've experienced,
and what I've gained thanks to those things.

I can't wait to start a new chapter in January.
As I've realized how close I am to leaving,
I realize that I'm completely ready.
Maybe that's why everything worked out this way.
Heavenly Father knew it was time for me to spread my wings
and so He gave me this opportunity.
After all, He knows me better than anybody.

I couldn't be more grateful to Him for dealing with me and my faults.
For listening to me when no one else would.
I'm sure He's laughed with me when the kids I work with say the darndest things
and I share them with Him.
I feel like He has prepared me in so many ways for this opportunity.
He's given me a wonderful and supportive family that is oober excited for me,
co-workers that are excited for me and will probably come visit me ;)
He's given me a missionary that is so excited for me
and told me he was proud that I took the leap.
(Andrew's also told me that I have to send him my address
so that letters don't take forever to get to me. How cute is he?)

I've said before that I've changed in many ways since Andrew left 17 months ago
(I just had to add that up BTW)
but that I'm still me.
I feel that this Disneyland internship is exactly that kind of thing
I've been looking for; I just didn't know it.
My mom says "I've been telling you to go do stuff and to do this internship"
(which she has BTW)
and for some odd reason it never felt right.
Now it does.
I feel like this is my chance.
Like in the movies when the hero/heroine goes to a foreign place to start over.
Same thing for me.

"Life moves pretty fast.
If you don't stop and look once in awhile, you might miss it"
Ferris couldn't have been more right.
I didn't realize time moves much faster than I want it to
and I don't want to miss it.
21 years old and finally embarking on the adventure I've always dreamed about.
Hey maybe I am like Indiana Jones then? ;) ;)

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  1. That's true, in a movie people always GO somewhere to restart. I'm sure it will be an absolute BLAST. I'm happy for you. Plus it will make the time totally FLY by for you. *bonus!*


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