03 November 2009

Disneyland Birthday ;)

I turned 21 on the 29th of last month
and for my birthday my mom and I went to Disneyland!!
We had such a blast!!
We partied like no other in that park ;)

One of the biggest things I wanted to do
was get a picture with Mickey and Minnie in their Halloween costumes.
We walked into the park on my birthday and lo, and behold:

There they were!!! IN COSTUME!
See? Dreams do come true at Disneyland ;)

Next on the list was Fantasyland.
I love those rides over there for some unknown reason.
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is a family tradition.
And getting pictures even more of one ;)

Case and point.

Haunted Mansion was all Christmasy and such already ;)

Very cool.

Lunch at the Blue Bayou!!
(restaurant in Pirates of the Caribbean)

You have to reserve this place at least 3 months in advance!
Rock on Mom!

They gave me a free chocolate mousse for my birthday ;)

and I was very excited about it ;)

Walked outside and decided I was gonna be
chillin' with my favorite villain and my BFFs Jack and Sally ;)

Yeah they're in presents what'sre point eh?

After lunch it was time for my birthday party at the Plaza Inn!

We decorated cakes and got a sticker ribbon for our "Mouseterpieces" Hahahaha

And who should arrive at the party?!
None other than the big Mouse himself and his lovely Mousette! ;)

And pictures were of course taken ;)

In front of MY castle.
It's only Sleeping Beauty's technically.

Me and my madre ;)

Next day was California Adventure and then D-land again.

Guess what?! My name starts with A!

Walked into Cali Adventure and BAM!:

Oh yes friends. HSM show.
"It's Now or NEVER!"

Ok so at Disneyland there's "Fantasmic!"
which is my all-time favorite thing at Disneyland.
A water/light/fireworks show and I love it!
These kids were all sitting around me and my mom and somehow they flocked to me.

Srsly, the kid plopped on my lap and would not move til dad picked him up.
The girls loved playing with my hair and my Minnie ears.
Weird but hey I must have an aura then eh? ;)



^ This was right before his gloves sparked with fireworks!
SOOOO cool!
I kinda geeked out about it ;)

The Beast!
My favorite of all time!

They had Ariel and Snow White too but their pictures didn't come out very well.
They were moving along the water as we were trying to take the picture.

Of course had to get a picture with the wicked cool Halloween decorations!

OOOOO scary!!!

I had SOO much fun with my mom at Disneyland!
We had a blast and pin traded with a ton of cast members so now I have a bunch of pins!

Jealous? Yeah you should be ;)

And that my friends is my Disneyland adventure until I go in January!!! ;)

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  1. That is great! i'm glad you got to go and have such a great time. woohoo for disneyland =)


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