13 October 2009

My Disneyland Internship Wishlist

There are a few things I would love to have when I go.
Some I will be getting no matter what,
others will have to be put on hold for awhile ;)


This cute vintage bike to ride to work everyday.
Can't you just see me in a cute scarf and boots riding this everyday?
Yeah I know! SOO cute!
(So if anyone sees one PLEASE let me know so I can go buy it!
This is my biggest want/need)


Good ol' cold hard cash.
Anyone ever wonder why we call in cold and hard when it's just paper?


I am so in love with this bedset it's not even funny!
I love it, I want it!
And for $20
I might just get it ;)


The LG Xenon phone.
I have an LG VU right now and I like it but I miss having buttons.
So I wanna switch it ;)


Disney crocs.
Like for real!
Don't be jealous ;)
Plus they're oober comfy since they're crocs hello!
And I'll be on my feet for 6-8 hours a day so this will help with that.


Ok this is more of a want than anything.
I would love to get this to take to my classes over there.
Plus it's red (my favorite color) and it's small.
Only problem is that it's a PC not a Mac.


How adorable is this timer?!
I want it so bad!
Oh so cute!


This gorgeous dresser!
I have wanted a low dresser for years!
(not that I can take this with me
but I'd like it in celebration of me getting into the program)
Isn't it beautiful?! Yeah I know it is ;)

What are you wishing for??

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