02 October 2009

Many Emotions

I have so many emoitions running through me right now.
It's ridonculous.
(from Bolt. Watch it, love it)

Y'all know about the Disneyland internship I applied for
well I've been recommended for it
(which is good)
and am waiting (again) for someone to call me and tell me the next steps.

Boy have I been having second thoughts about this.
I love my job at Emerson.
I love my kindergarten kids.
I love coloring for my job.
The staff is incredible and make me feel so special and important.
The cafeteria lady loves me,
I get extra food everyday I buy lunch ;)
(trust me, this is HUGE!)
Granted there is some drama
but that's life in general.
Overall though, I love what I do.
And if I leave, I don't know if I can get back in
which I of course want to.

Disney has been giving me 12-16 hours a week now.
Say wha?!
Yeah, I know. Crazy.
But it's been really nice cuz I know everything,
I can give out the correct information about promotions and such.
It's easier going to work if I've been there a few times already.
And I love the people there too!
The job is fun
(sometimes stressful and crazy, but fun!)
the people are fun.
Again, once I leave how easy will it be to come back?
Granted, this job will probably be a little "easier" to get back to.
I can also get hired back as a seasonal

So I don't know what to do.
I'm not backing out cuz I don't even know if I've made it in or not hahahaha
and I don't want to leave my buddy Morgan out in the dust.
I guess it's just hard for me to let things go when there's no guarentee.
I've always said that I wished for more adventure in my life.
Hahahaha apparently I can't handle adventure as well as I thought.
But it'll be a great experience if I can make it in.
So I guess I'll just let Fate take its course.
If I make it, great!
If I don't, no big deal!
It's a win-win all the way ;)

My biggest "issue" is when I can come home from Disneyland.
I have a ton of crap going on next summer!
Andrew's coming home (HECK YES!),
family reunion in Utah (eh),
and Nick will be leaving on his mission (crazy!).
There's no way that I can be in California for all of this!
So we'll see again.
I'm hoping that I can come home at the end of May.
That's the goal ;)

I know it's gonna be crazy.
But it is a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity.
So I should take it right?

Any thoughts would be most welcome at this time.
Like srsly friends....


  1. Girl, if you can go, I think you TOTALLY SHOULD!!!! Go and then come back in May and marry Andrew and live happily ever after. The end!

  2. Hahahahahahahahaha ok if it all happens just like that then we're all good!!! And we'll come live with you and Chad hahahahaha ;)

  3. I hope you get in, because I think it would be SO fun for you. And it would make the time between January and June go by faster for you. But I will miss you...just so you know.


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