24 October 2009

"Come to My Garden...."

We're on the Marquee at the Mesa Arts Center!!!

Ok so this past week has benn INSANE!
Show week is always crazy, fun, stressful, fun, long nights, fun, etc.
I love these kids!
AYT has a very special place in my heart (of course)
and they are amazing with these kids,
teaching them how to act, dance, sing
like real Broadway stars.
I love the fact that they perform Broadway shows
with actors 8-19 and they look awesome!

This last show will definitely have a very special place in my heart and soul.
"The Secret Garden" is such a touching story in the first place
but these guys made it come alive and touch every heart in the audience.
Last night I was finally able to sit and watch the entire show from beginning to finish.
There was not a dry eye in the house during:
"Lily's Eyes", "Hold On", "Come to my Garden/Lift Me Up", "How Could I Ever Know",
and "Race You to the Top of the Morning".

The entire thing got me to tears though.
I missed being part of the on-stage magic
BUT I realized that I was still part of it.
Just not in the spotlight.
I am behind-the-scenes and it's amazing to see the transformation happen
that these gifted actors go through.

What was truly amazing was that we were at the Mesa Arts Center!
A real theater with real theater seats,
a real live box office and ushers and all!
Thank you so much for letting us come and perform there!!!
The crew was amazing and we loved them!

The leads in this show were so great.
(so was everybody else)
Adriene you are just too amazing and truly are a princess.
Made me cry every time you walked out.
I hope to be like you someday ;)

Jalen (I probably totally just butchered that sorry!)
you are one awesome kid!
I can't believe how different you are from playing Winthrop in Music Man
and now you have grown into such an amazing young man.
Thank you for putting so much into the show, you made it real for me ;)

Nick. You serious thing you.
Yes you made me cry every time you sang "Lily's Eyes" and you can be proud of that.
You are definitely a gifted young man even if this role wasn't too far from yourself,
you embodied it with every fiber of your being.
Thank you for making it real to me.;)

Both of our wonderful Sophia's.
Sophia O'Malley you are such a cutie!
Your voice is wonderful so keep coming back and singing for us cuz we loved you!
I love your cute smile and your willingness to do everything.
Sophia Deyden you are gifted child!
Thanks for coming and showing us how good you are.
You both made Mary real for me.

Maddie my dear! You were MADE for the role of Martha.
Every day you were amazing and you became your character and I didn't even have to try.
"Hold On" was perfect and I hope you remember both the words it says
as well as how awesome you sounded while performing it ;)

To the entire cast!

Thank you for making it so real and for touching my heart, as well as the entire audience.
I love you all!

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