26 October 2009

Disney's Halloween Treat!

I friend of mine posted this and I loved it!

Plus it's Disney therefore I must post it!

P.S. Disneyland Birthday trip Wednesday!!!! I'm so excited!!

24 October 2009

"Come to My Garden...."

We're on the Marquee at the Mesa Arts Center!!!

Ok so this past week has benn INSANE!
Show week is always crazy, fun, stressful, fun, long nights, fun, etc.
I love these kids!
AYT has a very special place in my heart (of course)
and they are amazing with these kids,
teaching them how to act, dance, sing
like real Broadway stars.
I love the fact that they perform Broadway shows
with actors 8-19 and they look awesome!

This last show will definitely have a very special place in my heart and soul.
"The Secret Garden" is such a touching story in the first place
but these guys made it come alive and touch every heart in the audience.
Last night I was finally able to sit and watch the entire show from beginning to finish.
There was not a dry eye in the house during:
"Lily's Eyes", "Hold On", "Come to my Garden/Lift Me Up", "How Could I Ever Know",
and "Race You to the Top of the Morning".

The entire thing got me to tears though.
I missed being part of the on-stage magic
BUT I realized that I was still part of it.
Just not in the spotlight.
I am behind-the-scenes and it's amazing to see the transformation happen
that these gifted actors go through.

What was truly amazing was that we were at the Mesa Arts Center!
A real theater with real theater seats,
a real live box office and ushers and all!
Thank you so much for letting us come and perform there!!!
The crew was amazing and we loved them!

The leads in this show were so great.
(so was everybody else)
Adriene you are just too amazing and truly are a princess.
Made me cry every time you walked out.
I hope to be like you someday ;)

Jalen (I probably totally just butchered that sorry!)
you are one awesome kid!
I can't believe how different you are from playing Winthrop in Music Man
and now you have grown into such an amazing young man.
Thank you for putting so much into the show, you made it real for me ;)

Nick. You serious thing you.
Yes you made me cry every time you sang "Lily's Eyes" and you can be proud of that.
You are definitely a gifted young man even if this role wasn't too far from yourself,
you embodied it with every fiber of your being.
Thank you for making it real to me.;)

Both of our wonderful Sophia's.
Sophia O'Malley you are such a cutie!
Your voice is wonderful so keep coming back and singing for us cuz we loved you!
I love your cute smile and your willingness to do everything.
Sophia Deyden you are gifted child!
Thanks for coming and showing us how good you are.
You both made Mary real for me.

Maddie my dear! You were MADE for the role of Martha.
Every day you were amazing and you became your character and I didn't even have to try.
"Hold On" was perfect and I hope you remember both the words it says
as well as how awesome you sounded while performing it ;)

To the entire cast!

Thank you for making it so real and for touching my heart, as well as the entire audience.
I love you all!

18 October 2009

Pioneer Trek

Ok so this past weekend my Stake
(A bunch of Mormon wards together)
did their 2nd Pioneer trek.
They did one 4 years ago
and I went on it as one of the youth dressed as a pioneer,
pulling a handcart,
walking 26 miles over 3 days.
This time I was on the other side.
The background,
cooking for them, videoing their journey,
and reliving every moment with them that I had experienced.

It was an intense weekend.
I was supposed to walk the trail with them again with my dad to help video everything.
My ankle apparently wasn't ready for such an ordeal.
And I pulled something in my other leg as well
so after hiking about 10 miles the first day
(out of 13)
I wasn't able to walk it like I wanted to.
I was so sad
(still am in fact)
but it all worked out cuz I worked in the kitchen,
drove the car when needed,
and helped my mom with stuff.

Now for those of you that don't exactly know what a trek means
let me tell you.

You start with 200 youth dressed as pioneers of old.

Give them a "Ma and Pa"
and divide them into families.

Then they assemble the 150-pound handcarts they will be pulling and pushing over 26 miles
of rock and dirt uphill and downhill.

Give them a "pep-talk" speech and send them on their way.
The youth were divided into 3 companies,
and 20 families.
Each family consisted of 10-11 people
including Ma and Pa.
The handcarts eventually weighed around 800 pounds with all the gear,
water, food, and supplies they had brought with them.

The first day is by far the hardest.
There is a place called "Rocky Ridge"
well, it's called that for a reason.
Steep rocky inclines that are tricky and require everyone to help out.

But they did it!
These kids proved their mettle and toughness on this journey.
I was so proud of them.

My brother was a participant on this trek,
(the youngest. My other younger brother and I went on the last one)
so I was even more touched when I saw him trudging along
step by step, holding the baby (doll) his family had been entrusted with.
He had a determined look on his face of
"Just gotta keep walking. One foot in front of the other."
My mom and I had watched this from the trees and cried with joy
and sadness that we couldn't go help him.

When the kids arrived in "Salt Lake City" on the third day,
after having to bury the babies alongside the trail like our pioneer ancestors,
many tears were shed as they saw all of the staff there to greet them and welcome them to Zion.
(We also had a feast ready for them for which they were very excited)
After the first company came in,
some of the kids went back out to greet the other companies as they came.
One of the sweetest girls in my home ward went and threw herself on another sweet girl in our ward when she saw her coming.
They cried and hugged and said "We did it!"
It touched me to the core because I remembered feeling like they did.
Feeling that it was finally over and that I had made it,
that I had done the 26 miles and lived through it.

One of the most prominent trials these kids went through
was when the boys are called away to the Mormon Battalion
to help fight in the war against Mexico
and the girls are left to themselves to push the handcarts up a hill.
The strength of these girls was incredible.
As they try to push these 800 pound carts by themselves,
(usually only 4-5 girls per cart)
the boys watch from the cliffs and their hearts wrench
as one girl starts to scream and cry for water.
They didn't think it would be so hard for them to do,
not because they thought they were weak,
they just didn't think it would be but it was.

About halfway through this Womens Pull,
angels appear dressed in white to help the women pull the handcarts up the hill.
(There is a story in our church's history where the women said that they knew angels were helping them push and pull. They couldn't have made it otherwise)
I remember this as the most touching, the hardest,
and the most humbling experience of my life so far.
When I was the one pulling the handcart with my "sister",
all I remember was that at one moment I was in the yoke pulling and the next
I was walking alongside the cart and an angel said to me
"Don't worry, I got this for you"
and I cried like a baby with gratitude and thanked my Heavenly Father for that wonderful man.

As I listened to the girls talk about their experience this time on the Pull
and the same sentiments were heard.
When I saw one of the girls from my ward, she came over to me, hugged me, and said
"That was so hard. But I did it. Now I know I can do hard things."

This was the coolest thing for me to be able to do and be a part of.
I was so glad that I was asked to help out
and I'm glad I went.
If you ever get the chance to either go and participate
or to help behind-the-scenes,
Do it.
It's so worth it to see these youth achieve this and learn that
They Can Do Hard Things.

We were also featured in the AZ Republic here's the link:

13 October 2009

I thought all y'all should know

Kristen Stewart knows how to SMILE!

Who'da thunk!?

My Disneyland Internship Wishlist

There are a few things I would love to have when I go.
Some I will be getting no matter what,
others will have to be put on hold for awhile ;)


This cute vintage bike to ride to work everyday.
Can't you just see me in a cute scarf and boots riding this everyday?
Yeah I know! SOO cute!
(So if anyone sees one PLEASE let me know so I can go buy it!
This is my biggest want/need)


Good ol' cold hard cash.
Anyone ever wonder why we call in cold and hard when it's just paper?


I am so in love with this bedset it's not even funny!
I love it, I want it!
And for $20
I might just get it ;)


The LG Xenon phone.
I have an LG VU right now and I like it but I miss having buttons.
So I wanna switch it ;)


Disney crocs.
Like for real!
Don't be jealous ;)
Plus they're oober comfy since they're crocs hello!
And I'll be on my feet for 6-8 hours a day so this will help with that.


Ok this is more of a want than anything.
I would love to get this to take to my classes over there.
Plus it's red (my favorite color) and it's small.
Only problem is that it's a PC not a Mac.


How adorable is this timer?!
I want it so bad!
Oh so cute!


This gorgeous dresser!
I have wanted a low dresser for years!
(not that I can take this with me
but I'd like it in celebration of me getting into the program)
Isn't it beautiful?! Yeah I know it is ;)

What are you wishing for??

09 October 2009

Um thoughts?

Do you ever feel like everything you've accomplished is insignificant?
Like everyone else around you is better
and has done cooler things than you?
Yeah tell me about it.

I've felt this way for awhile.
Especially when Andrew's coming home so soon
(8 ish months!)
I feel like I've done so much
and yet none of it really matters.

What have I done you ask?
Well. Basically I've worked.
Like a lot.
I was in school for awhile and such but the scholarship ended so I'm working now.
Two jobs.
One of them being very time-consuming and wonderful.
The other just fun and almost mindless.
Two very good jobs that pay me well and I get good hours.
I know I've changed a bunch
and for the better.
(And yes I know I've mentioned this before sorry)
But it feels like it doesn't matter.

Mostly because:
1. I haven't gotten married
2. I haven't been pregnant/had a baby
3. I haven't gone anywhere
4. I don't have tons of people commenting on my blog
(which is huge ya know....bah!)
5. I'm not the way I want to be yet physically

I now this is all superficial and dumb but it is how I feel sometimes.
I just needed to get it off my chest.
Consider it unburdened from my shoulders/chest area.

06 October 2009

Disneyland Here I come!

Yes friends!

I have been accepted into the Disneyland College Program!!
I'll be a retail worker in the parks!!!

Oh my gosh I'm so excited!!!

I'll be there from January to August!!
(Unless I get to leave earlier)

Thanks for the happy thoughts!!
All I need now is some pixie dust!!!!!!!!

02 October 2009

Many Emotions

I have so many emoitions running through me right now.
It's ridonculous.
(from Bolt. Watch it, love it)

Y'all know about the Disneyland internship I applied for
well I've been recommended for it
(which is good)
and am waiting (again) for someone to call me and tell me the next steps.

Boy have I been having second thoughts about this.
I love my job at Emerson.
I love my kindergarten kids.
I love coloring for my job.
The staff is incredible and make me feel so special and important.
The cafeteria lady loves me,
I get extra food everyday I buy lunch ;)
(trust me, this is HUGE!)
Granted there is some drama
but that's life in general.
Overall though, I love what I do.
And if I leave, I don't know if I can get back in
which I of course want to.

Disney has been giving me 12-16 hours a week now.
Say wha?!
Yeah, I know. Crazy.
But it's been really nice cuz I know everything,
I can give out the correct information about promotions and such.
It's easier going to work if I've been there a few times already.
And I love the people there too!
The job is fun
(sometimes stressful and crazy, but fun!)
the people are fun.
Again, once I leave how easy will it be to come back?
Granted, this job will probably be a little "easier" to get back to.
I can also get hired back as a seasonal

So I don't know what to do.
I'm not backing out cuz I don't even know if I've made it in or not hahahaha
and I don't want to leave my buddy Morgan out in the dust.
I guess it's just hard for me to let things go when there's no guarentee.
I've always said that I wished for more adventure in my life.
Hahahaha apparently I can't handle adventure as well as I thought.
But it'll be a great experience if I can make it in.
So I guess I'll just let Fate take its course.
If I make it, great!
If I don't, no big deal!
It's a win-win all the way ;)

My biggest "issue" is when I can come home from Disneyland.
I have a ton of crap going on next summer!
Andrew's coming home (HECK YES!),
family reunion in Utah (eh),
and Nick will be leaving on his mission (crazy!).
There's no way that I can be in California for all of this!
So we'll see again.
I'm hoping that I can come home at the end of May.
That's the goal ;)

I know it's gonna be crazy.
But it is a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity.
So I should take it right?

Any thoughts would be most welcome at this time.
Like srsly friends....