26 September 2009

Oh the talentedness of me (and my grace)

Those of you that are on Facebook
know that I posted about my ankle.
Yeah pretty sure it's twisted, maybe sprained.
Considering that it swelled to twice its normal size within 2 hours of the incident.
(Story is coming momentarily)
and it's hard to walk on
but wrapping it and icing it really helps.

the story.
I'm eating lunch at work yesterday
(cafeteria enchiladas....NEVER again will I eat those)
and I'm chattin with the other aides
when my teacher comes in looking for me.
And I'm like huh??
"We're going to QT" she says.
"Ok" I say thinking we will be taking a vehicle and driving.
(We had 7 people to get drinks for)
But then she says "Oh no we're hoppin the fence."
Most of y'all know.......
I don't jump over things very well.
Agility and grace and athleticness are SOOOO not my forte.
But I didn't really have a choice.
Ok so I got over the fence the first time no problem.
And we got the drinks and had them on a brick post thingy.
My teacher hops right back over
I start to and somehow my foot gets stuck in the bars of the gate,
now the rest of me is over mind you all,
just my foot is stuck and it twists
and I land flat on my back....
yeah. it hurt.

But I was laughing cuz I mean come on,
who falls while trying to jump a fence to an elementary school?!
Apparently I do.

It was funny until I looked at my ankle later
and saw the nasty bruise that had ensued from the gate
and the swelling start.
But it didn't hurt that bad until I got home
which was nice cuz working with kids,
you can't let them see you hurting.
Though they usually will give you a hug if you are
but I was good on my hug quota of the day hahahaha

This was yesterday:

2 guesses which ankle is the hurt one hahahaha

So here's a picture of this morning:

Yes I know it's harder to see with the bandage on but it hurts if I don't wrap it.
But it's actually not as swollen as it was THANK HEAVENS!
I also have some way cool blue bruises going all down my leg.
I think they're awesome!
When I fall I make sure I do it good.

Now you all know the gracefulness of me ;)
I'll take my bow now.
Please please, the applause is too much ;) ;)

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