03 September 2009

My Uncle is FINALLY married!!

I say that only because he is the last one of my dad's 6 siblings to get married.
He's the second youngest in the family.
Silly silly Uncle Matt.

Ok so Matt has the tux behind his head and Lani has the wedding dress in front of her

He and my new aunt Lani
(who's only 5 years older than me....weird)
have been dating for 4 1/2 years.
He likes to drag his feet.
Direct quote from him BTW.

My whole family fell in love with Lani as soon as we met her.
She was funny, pretty, fearless, and nice.
And then she mentioned that she had a time share in Florida,
which means that they go to DisneyWorld every year.
She became my new best friend
And I informed her of that ;)
I knew she was meant to be my aunt because she too loved Disney
like me and my other favorite aunt, Mary.

Their wedding was in a Catholic church which was beautiful!
Very ornate and fancy.
Loved it!
The ceremony was sweet and simple
and Lani looked like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
Gorgeous, slender, brown hair, hazel eyes (but we'll let that little detail go)
and just like she stepped out of a Barbie box.
I was so jealous!!
But it was her day and all so I guess it's ok ;)

Mom and Me

The best part of this past weekend was being able to see my cousins.
Some of them I hadn't seen in 8-10 years!
The boys didn't even remember them
which says that it's been WAY too long.
2 of them have kids of their own and 1 is married!
I hadn't seen my aunt and uncle since a few weddings ago.

Case and point: My cousin Monica

It was amazing to have all 7 families together for Matt and Lani's wedding.
In the cathedral, the siblings all sat together.
And in birth order cuz my uncle Mike is OCD.
But of course by the time we figured that out we couldn't take a picture.

but the photographer managed to ge a pretty decent one of all the siblings + parents

Oh and are you ready for a classic Ali Bowler Blonde Moment?
So we walk into the chapel to sit down for the ceremony
and we just keep walking towards the front.
Once we get to like the 4th row from the front I finally say
"Shouldn't we sit farther back so that the family can sit here?"
The unanimous response from 2 sets of aunts and uncles
(and my parents)
"Ali, we are the family."


Now I have some more pictures to share. ;)
The happy couple dancing their first dance.
Yes I know it's not the best quality picture.
I had to use my cell phone in the dimly lit room ok?
Don't judge me. :P

I just found this one! Yes for dad taking pictures!

Don't you love the lights?
My parents had lights like that at their reception
so it took them back to that happy happy day ;)

Now we get to the pictures of chillin at either my grandparents' house
or my aunts house.
They live right behind each other with the fence that divides their yards.
There's a gate in it to get from one house to the other.
Heck yes! It was awesome!

My littlest cousin Lily

I love this little girl!
Lily is my favorite aunt's daughter and she is too dang cute for words!
Just look at that face!
She also has a crooked smile just like her mamma ;)
She was my little buddy through the whole weekend.

My cousin's daughter Peyton

One of the most adorable 3 year olds I've met.
My cousin Shannon is gonna put her in dance and gymnastics classes
so I was helping her to see her future.
We did this little flip number til my arms were burning from the effort
hahaha good times.

And this was pretty much where I stayed for the weekend.
On the back porch by the pool ;)

It was an amazing weekend
and we're planning on doing a big family reunion
in DisneyWorld in a few years!
It'll be awesome!

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  1. Sounds like you had fun even with all the driving. :) Thanks for sharing! :D


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