15 September 2009

My missionary boy Andrew

Yeah I know I talk about him a lot.
What can I say?
He's my boy ok?
Don't judge.

So I came home to a couple packages on my bed,
most of them were from eBay
(there will be a post about that coming soon too)
but there was one that was all brown and crinkled.
And it was from Argentina!!
Oh man!
I jumped up and down and squealed
There were pictures, a tape, a letter, and a homemade beanie from one of his ward members!
He spoils me ;)
And I was so excited!!!

He's such an amazing guy
I feel truly blessed.
He actually talked about our future together
not a ton of course but just like general things like:
"I want a water bed" (Gee Andrew I already have one crazy.)
"I have no idea what a chemical engineer does but apparently it's my major....sure hope it makes us some good money."
(I concur!)
"I definitely want to be in nursery before kids are in our lives"
(Dude. I've been in nursery for almost 3 years. I'm ready hahahaha)
"Of course I'll go with you to Institute even after we're married"
(yeah, last 6 months before his mission, neither one of us went hahahaha)
"Where am I gonna work?"
(Gee, ya got me. No ideas. Zip. Zero. All I got are kids.....)

The pictures were awesome!
There were only 4 but hey that's more than he's ever sent me.
The one here is of him and Elder Chad Moody with the Buenos Aires temple behind them.
I think it's an awesome picture so I made it his profile picture on FB.
Yeah I'm cool.

Andrew has now invented a new word:
A combination of babbling and rambling but having a purpose as well.

Crazy kid
but I love him dearly.
My silly boy.
Oh! And I now know when he's officially coming home
so I can adjust my countdown hahahaha.
It's only a week after I had thought so it's not so bad ;)

I know this is kinda random but I was so excited I just had to write it ;)

P.S. The paper work for Disneyland is faxed
and now I just have to wait a few weeks
and they'll contact me to tell me how it all works!
Wish me luck still!

And write Andrew if you feel so inclined
(or if you're not his friend on FB,
write a little somethin and I'll include it in my letters ;))


  1. That's awesome, Ali! :D Very happy for you! I always love reading your posts. :) And I really feel bad for not writing Andrew. :S I should probably email him or something. XD

    It's always nice to get stuff from missionaries. :D (I got a postcard on Saturday! I didn't think I'd hear from him again until he got home. So still super super happy. ^_^) Oh, and I'm gonna finish a blog tonight involving the fact there's like 30 days left!!!

    Sorry for the novel comment. XD Luv ya, Ali!

  2. I'm obsessed with that picture of those two! It will definitely be in both of our wedding videos I think! haha! Only 8-9 months to go for both of us!! I'm so glad I met you!!

  3. That is awesome that you got a surprise package. I'm so glad that you and Andrew are still doing so well as a couple. It's always possible and it's good that you don't listen to other's negativity. Love you.


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