19 September 2009

My favorite Disney movies so far ;)

Hello, my name is Ali Bowler and I am a Disney-a-holic.
*hi Ali*

But I'm not gonna talk about my supposed "problem"
I'm gonna share with you my favorite movies that Disney has made.
So far anyways ;)

And now to begin:

1. Sleeping Beauty

Ok Aurora is my favorite princess
though Ariel and Belle come close too.
The blonde hair is what it is I think ;)
Plus she is given the gift of beauty, song, and has 3 fairy godmothers.
Way cool!
The Prince is gorgeous
(and I think Andrew kinda looks like him,
ask my friends. They think so too)
and Maleficent is the coolest bad girl on the planet!
And just so's y'all know.
She wears BLUE during the movie.
NOT pink.

2. Beauty and the Beast

The Beast is my absolute favorite character Disney has done.
When the narrator says: "For who could ever learn to love a beast?"
I said "I would!"
Yes he's cranky but everyone has to go through something similar in their lives.
True love has to endure many challenges.
This shows people to see beyond the looks of someone
and love them anyway.
LOVE the Beast.
Plus Belle's a bookworm jut like me ;)

3. The Little Mermaid

This was one of my first videos I ever had
and I watched it like 17 times a day.
Watched it so much it broke.
Yeah. Awesome.
Ariel is an incredible princess.
I love how she fights for what she wants.
Granted, I don't think going to a sea witch was probably the best decision
but she was only 16. What can we say for her?
Eric is a way cool prince.
Killing the evil witch with a boat?! Awesome.

4. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Ok so this was kinda a dark one for Disney.
I didn't know it was for the longest time.
It scared me as a kid but now I think it's a beautiful story.
I love the characters and the songs.
The message even more.
Again it's the looks aren't everything moral
but I love it.
Esmerelda is the bomb-diggity.

5. Peter Pan

Who doesn't love Peter Pan?
(If you just said "me", go jump in a river)
The spirit of youth and his spunky fairy friend Tink.
I love Tinkerbell and her crazy faces.
I love Peter and the way he stands up for fairness all the time.
I love the Darling children flying to Neverland
and always wished I could do that.
Still do matter of fact.
Awesome movie.

6. Aladdin

Ok coolest action cartoon like ever.
Flying carpets, a silly genie, and a crazy cool villain.
Dude. Can it get much better?
I think not.
Jafar is one of the coolest villains in the world.
Iago, not so much....
and who doesn't love the Genie?
(again, jump in a river if you said "me")
I loved the fact that the princess has a pet tiger!
I've always wanted one so she was super awesome for that.

7. Robin Hood

I love an animal cast of one of my favorite stories.
Robin Hood has always been a cool story for me.
I'm still convinced he was a real person,
the legends just made him a little more than he probably was in real life.
I have stuffed animals of Robin and Maid Marion
and they are kick awesome.
Like ain't nobody's bizness.
Again, awesome classic Disney.

8. Wall-E

Oh my goodness. I love this little robot.
He is the cutest thing to ever roll on the planet.
If you didn't like this movie,
then you have no heart at all.
Yes there's not much dialogue at the beginning
but you still know exactly what's going on.
And his pet cockroach is adorable.
(real life cockroaches I can't handle at all)
I have a huge soft spot in my heart for Wall-E.
And all his friends in the movie: EVE, MO, and the other misfits ;)

9. Up

This was SOOO cute.
I wasn't sure at first if I'd like it or not
but I loved it.
Talking dogs, adventurers, and a house traveling by balloons.
SO cool!
I fell in love with the animals,
especially Dug.
If you haven't seen it yet,
trust me and rent it when it comes out in November.

10. Bolt

Ok this was adorable!
Rhino is be-awesome!
He has the coolest lines I've ever heard
and I have a shirt from work that we had to wear
9which I was totally cool with)
that says
"I eat danger for breakfast"
on the back.
Yeah I know. It's nothin really ;) ;)

So that's my list of favorites!
See any of yours?
Make your own list and link it back to mine!

P.S. Start making plans to see Disney's The Princess and the Frog
in theaters December 11, 2009!


  1. I love most of the movies you mentioned! Haven't seen them all though. And yes, Robin Hood was a real person. I've been to the Sherwood forest. It's a big tourist spot. It's pretty cool. ;)

    I should do a favorite movie blog or something, but that would take forever. lol I love a lot of movies.


    p.s. I'm sending out the letters tomorrow. ;)

  2. Thanks I liked it a lot and it was so easy to install!


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