09 September 2009

The Magic of Disneyland and Disney in general

I love Disney.
I sure hope y'all know that by now.
The magic of Disney reaches all ages and I love it for that.
I've been in love with Disney since birth.
Probably while still in the womb actually hahahaha
and have wanted to be a part of that magic.
I am, in some way, at the Disney Store
which is amazing!
I love making kids happy and seeing their faces light up
when they see Mickey in the Store
or see me wearing my Minnie ears ;)
It makes me feel so great inside.

I have a wonderful opportunity
to be a bigger part of the Disney magic.
Meaning be a part of it at its heart.
As in, Anaheim CA.
Yes, I have the opportunity to go to Disneyland to work.
Some of you know that I had this opportunity earlier in the year
but for some reason the timing wasn't right.
The guy upstairs told me this wasn't the time yet.
Now it is though.
I have a friend who's going and wanted a roommate.
And when she said that a lightbulb went on above my head.

Ok so more like fireworks beside my head.

So I prayed and fasted about it
of course.
And the answer was
"It's up to you"
I hate that response!
Only because I'm not good at making decisions on my own.
Like, srsly.
Really bad at making decisions.
But I figured that if God can trust me to make my own decisions,
then maybe I should too.

So I've decided that if everything goes well,
interview, application, etc
and I'm accepted
I'm gonna go in January.
I'll be there from January to either May or August
(I'm hopin May since I have many things happenin in the summer time)
but I'm excited for the opportunity!
I have my interview tonight so we'll see how it goes.
Wish me luck and of course I'll let y'all know how it goes ;)


  1. I hope it works out how both you and the Lord want it too. :) And it'll definitely help you pass away the time. ^_^


  2. Hope you enjoy it :D I think its great. We'll miss you! But good luck!

    ~Kennedy ;)

  3. Oh that would be so perfect for you to finish your waiting. I hope it workd out =)

  4. YAY!!!! That's so awesome Ali!!! That seems like it would be PERFECT timing to go! If you're still there in May, me and Chad can come visit you at Disneyland! woo hoo! haha! Hope everything works out...it will and I'm excited for you!


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