29 September 2009

I Love Music

Music is the food the soul needs to get through a day.
No that's not a quote that I know of.
I just know that music is what gets me through the day.

Of course Disney music is usually what I listen to,
but I listen to a ton of Broadway musicals also.
So I guess I'm a Broadway music fan ;)

My music is sometimes the only thing that helps me get through my days.
If I have a good song to listen to, my problems usually disappear.
I love rockin out to a song in my car and singin at the top of my lungs.
I know people like to stare
but really, it's the best thing for any day.

If I feel sad one day, I listen to a song that helps me cry
so it all gets out.
Songs like:

Just a Dream
by Carrie Underwood

How Could I Ever Know?
from The Secret Garden the Musical

On My Own &
Little Fall of Rain

from Les Miserables

So Close
from Enchanted

just to name a few.

When I'm angry I love listening to these songs and yelling them loud and proud.
Songs like:

Before He Cheats
by Carrie Underwood

Shoulda Said No
Picture to Burn
by Taylor Swift

Waltz for Eva and Che
from EVITA

from Beauty and the Beast Broadway

just to name some ;)

The best are love songs.
You know I'm right ;)
I think that Disney/Broadway songs have the best lyrics
and they're vocals are amazing because they are acting
at the same time.
Nothing like a sappy love song to make your day better right?
Here are some of my favorites:

Once Upon a Dream
from Sleeping Beauty

As Long As You're Mine
from Wicked

by Styx

All I Ask of You
from The Phantom of the Opera
So This is Lovefrom Cinderella

Lovefrom Robin Hood
from West Side Story
I Won't Say (I'm in Love)
from Hercules
just to name a few ;)
So now that y'all know my favorite songs
what are yours?

Make a list and link it to mine friends ;) ;)

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  1. I love On My Own from Les Mis! I'm pretty lame when it comes to songs--I tend to get one stuck in my head and want to listen to it all the time until the next new one comes along. Right now it's the Black Eyed Peas--I Gotta Feelin'. Hope your ankle is feeling better!


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