23 September 2009


Ok so I promised I'd write a post about the evils/awesomeness
of eBay.
And now I am delivering it to you ;)

I had never really looked at eBay before in my life.
I knew what it was and had an account apparently.
(Don't remember making that one)
But my mom had become a queen of bidding on eBay
and showed me how easy it was.

And showed me how much Disney stuff was on the site!!

Needless to say......
I have now spent over $80 on eBay.
Most of it on Disney stuff....

Now I want you to know that eBay is an amazing place to find lots of cool things:
like I finally found the Disney "Fantasmic" CD
(for those of you who don't know what Fantasmic is,
look it up on YouTube or Google it)
lithographs from different Disney movies that I didn't already have,
movies in general,
cups and plates,
shoes and clothes,

I have now stopped bidding on stuff and only put things that have more than
a week on the site in my "watchlist"
which is a beautiful thing let me tell you.
You don't ever have to bid or buy it,
it's just there if you want it.
Kinda like a wishlist
only with a timer attached.

Also, eBay is very very helpful in situations that are difficult.
Like I have yet to receive something that I paid for at the beginning of the month.
And the user is no longer registered on eBay.
So if it doesn't come within this week, I'm lodging a complaint with eBay
not against eBay, against the user
and they will refund my money ;)
Great isn't it?
Yes, yes it is.

Here's just a sampling of the stuff I've won:

A vintage poster Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White bag
w/ matching wallet
$7 w/ shipping

This Beast lithograph
(not framed, I framed it myself)
$10 w/ shipping

A ceramic Sleeping Beauty in the blue dress!
(The best find yet!)
$8 w/ shipping

Anyone remember these cups from Burger King?
From like 10 years ago or so?
Yeah I won 10 of them ;)
10 cups for $10 and only $8 shipping altogether.
10 cups for $18.
(And yes, I know there's only 9 pictured.
I got 2 Lion King ones so I gave one to my parental units ;) )

I also have Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pocahontas, and Peter Pan
lithos that I won I just didn't take pictures of them
cuz they're not framed yet.
But I'll post about them when they get their frames ;)
I have a stainless steel Mickey watch that was $7 w/ shipping
(although it came with 2 dead watch batteries,
so they got a not-so-great feedback from me)
and I'm waiting on a movie and that other watch.

I officially love eBay ;)


  1. That's awesome! I'd check it out, but I don't really need to be checking that site as well. XD Although, I'm sure I can get lots of teacher stuff for cheap. :) lol

  2. I totally have the Beauty and the Beast cup from Burger King still! My dad uses it all the time! Haha. I didn't even remember where that cup came from. It is so old!


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