29 September 2009

I Love Music

Music is the food the soul needs to get through a day.
No that's not a quote that I know of.
I just know that music is what gets me through the day.

Of course Disney music is usually what I listen to,
but I listen to a ton of Broadway musicals also.
So I guess I'm a Broadway music fan ;)

My music is sometimes the only thing that helps me get through my days.
If I have a good song to listen to, my problems usually disappear.
I love rockin out to a song in my car and singin at the top of my lungs.
I know people like to stare
but really, it's the best thing for any day.

If I feel sad one day, I listen to a song that helps me cry
so it all gets out.
Songs like:

Just a Dream
by Carrie Underwood

How Could I Ever Know?
from The Secret Garden the Musical

On My Own &
Little Fall of Rain

from Les Miserables

So Close
from Enchanted

just to name a few.

When I'm angry I love listening to these songs and yelling them loud and proud.
Songs like:

Before He Cheats
by Carrie Underwood

Shoulda Said No
Picture to Burn
by Taylor Swift

Waltz for Eva and Che
from EVITA

from Beauty and the Beast Broadway

just to name some ;)

The best are love songs.
You know I'm right ;)
I think that Disney/Broadway songs have the best lyrics
and they're vocals are amazing because they are acting
at the same time.
Nothing like a sappy love song to make your day better right?
Here are some of my favorites:

Once Upon a Dream
from Sleeping Beauty

As Long As You're Mine
from Wicked

by Styx

All I Ask of You
from The Phantom of the Opera
So This is Lovefrom Cinderella

Lovefrom Robin Hood
from West Side Story
I Won't Say (I'm in Love)
from Hercules
just to name a few ;)
So now that y'all know my favorite songs
what are yours?

Make a list and link it to mine friends ;) ;)

26 September 2009

Oh the talentedness of me (and my grace)

Those of you that are on Facebook
know that I posted about my ankle.
Yeah pretty sure it's twisted, maybe sprained.
Considering that it swelled to twice its normal size within 2 hours of the incident.
(Story is coming momentarily)
and it's hard to walk on
but wrapping it and icing it really helps.

the story.
I'm eating lunch at work yesterday
(cafeteria enchiladas....NEVER again will I eat those)
and I'm chattin with the other aides
when my teacher comes in looking for me.
And I'm like huh??
"We're going to QT" she says.
"Ok" I say thinking we will be taking a vehicle and driving.
(We had 7 people to get drinks for)
But then she says "Oh no we're hoppin the fence."
Most of y'all know.......
I don't jump over things very well.
Agility and grace and athleticness are SOOOO not my forte.
But I didn't really have a choice.
Ok so I got over the fence the first time no problem.
And we got the drinks and had them on a brick post thingy.
My teacher hops right back over
I start to and somehow my foot gets stuck in the bars of the gate,
now the rest of me is over mind you all,
just my foot is stuck and it twists
and I land flat on my back....
yeah. it hurt.

But I was laughing cuz I mean come on,
who falls while trying to jump a fence to an elementary school?!
Apparently I do.

It was funny until I looked at my ankle later
and saw the nasty bruise that had ensued from the gate
and the swelling start.
But it didn't hurt that bad until I got home
which was nice cuz working with kids,
you can't let them see you hurting.
Though they usually will give you a hug if you are
but I was good on my hug quota of the day hahahaha

This was yesterday:

2 guesses which ankle is the hurt one hahahaha

So here's a picture of this morning:

Yes I know it's harder to see with the bandage on but it hurts if I don't wrap it.
But it's actually not as swollen as it was THANK HEAVENS!
I also have some way cool blue bruises going all down my leg.
I think they're awesome!
When I fall I make sure I do it good.

Now you all know the gracefulness of me ;)
I'll take my bow now.
Please please, the applause is too much ;) ;)

23 September 2009


Ok so I promised I'd write a post about the evils/awesomeness
of eBay.
And now I am delivering it to you ;)

I had never really looked at eBay before in my life.
I knew what it was and had an account apparently.
(Don't remember making that one)
But my mom had become a queen of bidding on eBay
and showed me how easy it was.

And showed me how much Disney stuff was on the site!!

Needless to say......
I have now spent over $80 on eBay.
Most of it on Disney stuff....

Now I want you to know that eBay is an amazing place to find lots of cool things:
like I finally found the Disney "Fantasmic" CD
(for those of you who don't know what Fantasmic is,
look it up on YouTube or Google it)
lithographs from different Disney movies that I didn't already have,
movies in general,
cups and plates,
shoes and clothes,

I have now stopped bidding on stuff and only put things that have more than
a week on the site in my "watchlist"
which is a beautiful thing let me tell you.
You don't ever have to bid or buy it,
it's just there if you want it.
Kinda like a wishlist
only with a timer attached.

Also, eBay is very very helpful in situations that are difficult.
Like I have yet to receive something that I paid for at the beginning of the month.
And the user is no longer registered on eBay.
So if it doesn't come within this week, I'm lodging a complaint with eBay
not against eBay, against the user
and they will refund my money ;)
Great isn't it?
Yes, yes it is.

Here's just a sampling of the stuff I've won:

A vintage poster Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White bag
w/ matching wallet
$7 w/ shipping

This Beast lithograph
(not framed, I framed it myself)
$10 w/ shipping

A ceramic Sleeping Beauty in the blue dress!
(The best find yet!)
$8 w/ shipping

Anyone remember these cups from Burger King?
From like 10 years ago or so?
Yeah I won 10 of them ;)
10 cups for $10 and only $8 shipping altogether.
10 cups for $18.
(And yes, I know there's only 9 pictured.
I got 2 Lion King ones so I gave one to my parental units ;) )

I also have Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pocahontas, and Peter Pan
lithos that I won I just didn't take pictures of them
cuz they're not framed yet.
But I'll post about them when they get their frames ;)
I have a stainless steel Mickey watch that was $7 w/ shipping
(although it came with 2 dead watch batteries,
so they got a not-so-great feedback from me)
and I'm waiting on a movie and that other watch.

I officially love eBay ;)

19 September 2009

My favorite Disney movies so far ;)

Hello, my name is Ali Bowler and I am a Disney-a-holic.
*hi Ali*

But I'm not gonna talk about my supposed "problem"
I'm gonna share with you my favorite movies that Disney has made.
So far anyways ;)

And now to begin:

1. Sleeping Beauty

Ok Aurora is my favorite princess
though Ariel and Belle come close too.
The blonde hair is what it is I think ;)
Plus she is given the gift of beauty, song, and has 3 fairy godmothers.
Way cool!
The Prince is gorgeous
(and I think Andrew kinda looks like him,
ask my friends. They think so too)
and Maleficent is the coolest bad girl on the planet!
And just so's y'all know.
She wears BLUE during the movie.
NOT pink.

2. Beauty and the Beast

The Beast is my absolute favorite character Disney has done.
When the narrator says: "For who could ever learn to love a beast?"
I said "I would!"
Yes he's cranky but everyone has to go through something similar in their lives.
True love has to endure many challenges.
This shows people to see beyond the looks of someone
and love them anyway.
LOVE the Beast.
Plus Belle's a bookworm jut like me ;)

3. The Little Mermaid

This was one of my first videos I ever had
and I watched it like 17 times a day.
Watched it so much it broke.
Yeah. Awesome.
Ariel is an incredible princess.
I love how she fights for what she wants.
Granted, I don't think going to a sea witch was probably the best decision
but she was only 16. What can we say for her?
Eric is a way cool prince.
Killing the evil witch with a boat?! Awesome.

4. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Ok so this was kinda a dark one for Disney.
I didn't know it was for the longest time.
It scared me as a kid but now I think it's a beautiful story.
I love the characters and the songs.
The message even more.
Again it's the looks aren't everything moral
but I love it.
Esmerelda is the bomb-diggity.

5. Peter Pan

Who doesn't love Peter Pan?
(If you just said "me", go jump in a river)
The spirit of youth and his spunky fairy friend Tink.
I love Tinkerbell and her crazy faces.
I love Peter and the way he stands up for fairness all the time.
I love the Darling children flying to Neverland
and always wished I could do that.
Still do matter of fact.
Awesome movie.

6. Aladdin

Ok coolest action cartoon like ever.
Flying carpets, a silly genie, and a crazy cool villain.
Dude. Can it get much better?
I think not.
Jafar is one of the coolest villains in the world.
Iago, not so much....
and who doesn't love the Genie?
(again, jump in a river if you said "me")
I loved the fact that the princess has a pet tiger!
I've always wanted one so she was super awesome for that.

7. Robin Hood

I love an animal cast of one of my favorite stories.
Robin Hood has always been a cool story for me.
I'm still convinced he was a real person,
the legends just made him a little more than he probably was in real life.
I have stuffed animals of Robin and Maid Marion
and they are kick awesome.
Like ain't nobody's bizness.
Again, awesome classic Disney.

8. Wall-E

Oh my goodness. I love this little robot.
He is the cutest thing to ever roll on the planet.
If you didn't like this movie,
then you have no heart at all.
Yes there's not much dialogue at the beginning
but you still know exactly what's going on.
And his pet cockroach is adorable.
(real life cockroaches I can't handle at all)
I have a huge soft spot in my heart for Wall-E.
And all his friends in the movie: EVE, MO, and the other misfits ;)

9. Up

This was SOOO cute.
I wasn't sure at first if I'd like it or not
but I loved it.
Talking dogs, adventurers, and a house traveling by balloons.
SO cool!
I fell in love with the animals,
especially Dug.
If you haven't seen it yet,
trust me and rent it when it comes out in November.

10. Bolt

Ok this was adorable!
Rhino is be-awesome!
He has the coolest lines I've ever heard
and I have a shirt from work that we had to wear
9which I was totally cool with)
that says
"I eat danger for breakfast"
on the back.
Yeah I know. It's nothin really ;) ;)

So that's my list of favorites!
See any of yours?
Make your own list and link it back to mine!

P.S. Start making plans to see Disney's The Princess and the Frog
in theaters December 11, 2009!

15 September 2009

My missionary boy Andrew

Yeah I know I talk about him a lot.
What can I say?
He's my boy ok?
Don't judge.

So I came home to a couple packages on my bed,
most of them were from eBay
(there will be a post about that coming soon too)
but there was one that was all brown and crinkled.
And it was from Argentina!!
Oh man!
I jumped up and down and squealed
There were pictures, a tape, a letter, and a homemade beanie from one of his ward members!
He spoils me ;)
And I was so excited!!!

He's such an amazing guy
I feel truly blessed.
He actually talked about our future together
not a ton of course but just like general things like:
"I want a water bed" (Gee Andrew I already have one crazy.)
"I have no idea what a chemical engineer does but apparently it's my major....sure hope it makes us some good money."
(I concur!)
"I definitely want to be in nursery before kids are in our lives"
(Dude. I've been in nursery for almost 3 years. I'm ready hahahaha)
"Of course I'll go with you to Institute even after we're married"
(yeah, last 6 months before his mission, neither one of us went hahahaha)
"Where am I gonna work?"
(Gee, ya got me. No ideas. Zip. Zero. All I got are kids.....)

The pictures were awesome!
There were only 4 but hey that's more than he's ever sent me.
The one here is of him and Elder Chad Moody with the Buenos Aires temple behind them.
I think it's an awesome picture so I made it his profile picture on FB.
Yeah I'm cool.

Andrew has now invented a new word:
A combination of babbling and rambling but having a purpose as well.

Crazy kid
but I love him dearly.
My silly boy.
Oh! And I now know when he's officially coming home
so I can adjust my countdown hahahaha.
It's only a week after I had thought so it's not so bad ;)

I know this is kinda random but I was so excited I just had to write it ;)

P.S. The paper work for Disneyland is faxed
and now I just have to wait a few weeks
and they'll contact me to tell me how it all works!
Wish me luck still!

And write Andrew if you feel so inclined
(or if you're not his friend on FB,
write a little somethin and I'll include it in my letters ;))

09 September 2009

The Magic of Disneyland and Disney in general

I love Disney.
I sure hope y'all know that by now.
The magic of Disney reaches all ages and I love it for that.
I've been in love with Disney since birth.
Probably while still in the womb actually hahahaha
and have wanted to be a part of that magic.
I am, in some way, at the Disney Store
which is amazing!
I love making kids happy and seeing their faces light up
when they see Mickey in the Store
or see me wearing my Minnie ears ;)
It makes me feel so great inside.

I have a wonderful opportunity
to be a bigger part of the Disney magic.
Meaning be a part of it at its heart.
As in, Anaheim CA.
Yes, I have the opportunity to go to Disneyland to work.
Some of you know that I had this opportunity earlier in the year
but for some reason the timing wasn't right.
The guy upstairs told me this wasn't the time yet.
Now it is though.
I have a friend who's going and wanted a roommate.
And when she said that a lightbulb went on above my head.

Ok so more like fireworks beside my head.

So I prayed and fasted about it
of course.
And the answer was
"It's up to you"
I hate that response!
Only because I'm not good at making decisions on my own.
Like, srsly.
Really bad at making decisions.
But I figured that if God can trust me to make my own decisions,
then maybe I should too.

So I've decided that if everything goes well,
interview, application, etc
and I'm accepted
I'm gonna go in January.
I'll be there from January to either May or August
(I'm hopin May since I have many things happenin in the summer time)
but I'm excited for the opportunity!
I have my interview tonight so we'll see how it goes.
Wish me luck and of course I'll let y'all know how it goes ;)

05 September 2009

Um just stuff I guess ;)

This is me contemplating
So I've been thinking over the past few weeks
shocking I know! Thinking does not come naturally.
Just kinda thinkin.
About life, love, school, majors, social life (or the lack thereof)
and found that I'm actually content with my life.
Sure sometimes I wish I could go out more but really,
I do get to go out with my friends when I need to
and want to.
So I don't think I'm really missing out on too much.

I love not being inside the dramas anymore.
This comes from not being everywhere all the time.
And it's awesome!
I hated having to take sides when I thought the entire argument was stupid
and people just needed to grow up.
I don't have to deal with that now.
Now I just deal with the drama of work and I can handle that.
That's nothing compared to what it used to be.

This past weekend when I went to Colorado
I got the chance to talk with my favorite aunt
about everything in my life.
I value her opinion since first: she's an "outsider" to the drama,
second, she's family and cares about me,
third, she has many great insights and
fourth, she and I have more in common than I realized.
And it was awesome to stay up talking with her til 1:30 one night,
4:30 the next, and midnight the last night.
So worth the lack of sleep!

I have never really thought about dating anyone
while Andrew's been gone.
I think plenty of guys are cute and such
but I've never been one to date.
Guys would tell me that I'm a better friend than a date friend.
Whatevs! I didn't like that in high school
cuz you know, who you went to dances with was the only thing that mattered
to anyone cool and important.
AKA not me.
But now that high school is long over,
I don't feel the pressure to date like I did then.
I found my knight on my own
and he had to fight through thorny bushes and monsters
and so did I.
But we are the stronger for it, and I love him more than anything.
So I know some people are thinking that I should date more guys
while Andrew's gone but I just can't.
It would be weird for me to do that.
Especially when my dating life has been very limited.

After talking to my aunt and my daddy about it,
they understand that he means so much to me
and thus don't want to date.
No point in my humble opinion hahahahaha
Plus I've changed in more ways by not dating
than I think I would've if I had been.
I'm a different girl than I was when he left
but I'm still me.
I just feel better about myself
and that was one thing Andrew really wanted me to
work on while he was gone.
Thus I have.
Of course I still have lapses in confidence but overall,
I love who I am.

I have another huge decision to make in my life soon.
An opportunity has presented itself
but I need to figure out whether to go with it
or stay where I am.
Prayers headed my way would be much appreciated.
I know this is kinda a random post
but I had a lot of things on my mind
and needed to get it out.
Any comments/opinions are most welcome ;)

03 September 2009

My Uncle is FINALLY married!!

I say that only because he is the last one of my dad's 6 siblings to get married.
He's the second youngest in the family.
Silly silly Uncle Matt.

Ok so Matt has the tux behind his head and Lani has the wedding dress in front of her

He and my new aunt Lani
(who's only 5 years older than me....weird)
have been dating for 4 1/2 years.
He likes to drag his feet.
Direct quote from him BTW.

My whole family fell in love with Lani as soon as we met her.
She was funny, pretty, fearless, and nice.
And then she mentioned that she had a time share in Florida,
which means that they go to DisneyWorld every year.
She became my new best friend
And I informed her of that ;)
I knew she was meant to be my aunt because she too loved Disney
like me and my other favorite aunt, Mary.

Their wedding was in a Catholic church which was beautiful!
Very ornate and fancy.
Loved it!
The ceremony was sweet and simple
and Lani looked like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
Gorgeous, slender, brown hair, hazel eyes (but we'll let that little detail go)
and just like she stepped out of a Barbie box.
I was so jealous!!
But it was her day and all so I guess it's ok ;)

Mom and Me

The best part of this past weekend was being able to see my cousins.
Some of them I hadn't seen in 8-10 years!
The boys didn't even remember them
which says that it's been WAY too long.
2 of them have kids of their own and 1 is married!
I hadn't seen my aunt and uncle since a few weddings ago.

Case and point: My cousin Monica

It was amazing to have all 7 families together for Matt and Lani's wedding.
In the cathedral, the siblings all sat together.
And in birth order cuz my uncle Mike is OCD.
But of course by the time we figured that out we couldn't take a picture.

but the photographer managed to ge a pretty decent one of all the siblings + parents

Oh and are you ready for a classic Ali Bowler Blonde Moment?
So we walk into the chapel to sit down for the ceremony
and we just keep walking towards the front.
Once we get to like the 4th row from the front I finally say
"Shouldn't we sit farther back so that the family can sit here?"
The unanimous response from 2 sets of aunts and uncles
(and my parents)
"Ali, we are the family."


Now I have some more pictures to share. ;)
The happy couple dancing their first dance.
Yes I know it's not the best quality picture.
I had to use my cell phone in the dimly lit room ok?
Don't judge me. :P

I just found this one! Yes for dad taking pictures!

Don't you love the lights?
My parents had lights like that at their reception
so it took them back to that happy happy day ;)

Now we get to the pictures of chillin at either my grandparents' house
or my aunts house.
They live right behind each other with the fence that divides their yards.
There's a gate in it to get from one house to the other.
Heck yes! It was awesome!

My littlest cousin Lily

I love this little girl!
Lily is my favorite aunt's daughter and she is too dang cute for words!
Just look at that face!
She also has a crooked smile just like her mamma ;)
She was my little buddy through the whole weekend.

My cousin's daughter Peyton

One of the most adorable 3 year olds I've met.
My cousin Shannon is gonna put her in dance and gymnastics classes
so I was helping her to see her future.
We did this little flip number til my arms were burning from the effort
hahaha good times.

And this was pretty much where I stayed for the weekend.
On the back porch by the pool ;)

It was an amazing weekend
and we're planning on doing a big family reunion
in DisneyWorld in a few years!
It'll be awesome!