03 August 2009

Newfound obsessions

I have two: Picnick.com and DeviantArt.com

Picnik.com lets me do things like this to my pictures:

And DeviantArt.com is a place where artists post their work and you can "collect" them
online. These are truly talented people.
Here are just a few I've found that I fell in love with:
(p.s. 2 are in my header)

Briar Rose by bmjewell

Beauty and the Beast by daekazu

Mrs. Remus Lupin by Tella-in-SA

BTW Tella-in-SA happens to be my good friend Chantelle from Facebook
in the W.I.T.C.H. group I belong to
and we've become great friends ;)

Both websites are free of charge
as long as you don't want the "premium" stuff.
So check them out
(and I even put some photos up that I've taken onto DeviantArt
check my profile out here)

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