11 August 2009

New School year

So school starts tomorrow and I'll be working at Emerson Elementary again ;)
I'm so excited! I love working with these incredibly gifted people
and their sweet spirits.

Most of us have stayed in touch over Facebook or
something over the summer and it's just been awesome!
I am truly blessed to be able to work with them again.
Of course I know I will complain from time to time,
(kinda comes with the territory of kindergarten)
but I know that's it gonna be so good for me
and so much fun.

I'm especially happy for my friend Jamie who is leaving us within a couple weeks
but she's leaving to go to EAU for school.
I couldn't be more happy for her!
It's going to be a great experience for her and it'll be fun!

I was finally able to go shopping a couple weeks ago and buy 2 new outfits.
One here:

and one more that I haven't taken a picture of yet hahahaha.
But I am so ready for school and it's gonna be fun!
(p.s. the spot on the picture is from my dirty mirror, NOT part of my outfit)
So here's to a new year, new work, new everything!

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