15 August 2009

My favorite movies of all time (so far)

So I did my favorite books and now it's time for favorite movies.
I am a huge movie freak.
Simple as that.
I love going to the theatre and watching a flick
(for $5 at AMC before noon)
while eating popcorn and sipping a delicious soda.
Probably need to throw in some M&M's or Junior Mints too.

My dad was a film major in college
and as such I have watched
many movies in my lifetime.
And I could probably tell you who's in what most of the time.
My friends always ask me where they would've seen so-and-so
and I usually know ;)
Sad and pathetic knowledge but I do what I can hahahaha

Ok no more dilly-daddiling!
Let's start at the top:

1. The Princess Bride

Pretty much the best movie on the planet.
Some of the best lines in movie history are from this film.
I mean, come on:
Inigo Montoya, Westley, Princess Buttercup, Fezzik, and Humperdink
have some of the coolest lines ever.
"Anybody want a peanut?" Fezzik
"This is true love, you think this happens everyday?" Westley
"Hurt? You're alive! If you want I could fly" Buttercup
and the most famous of course:
"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. you killed my father. Prepare to die."

2. Sleeping Beauty

I love this movie.
Mostly because when I was little
I looked like Aurora and she was the only blonde princess
(Cinderella is not blonde, watch the movie people)
and she didn't wear pink!
I was so excited!
Srsly, she never wears the pink dress.
At the end of the movie, the fairies start fightin over the color again
but it's never pink! Good grief!
As you can see I have issues with the pink dressed Sleeping Beauty merchandise.
Phillip has always been my favorite prince.
Probably because he was a rebel and then fought to free Aurora.
I'm a sucker for romance ;)
Plus there's Maleficent.
Coolest villain ever!
The Mistress of all Evil!

3. Little Mermaid

Ariel is the dang BOMB!
I wish I was more like her sometimes hahahaha
Plus the music in this movie is the coolest ever!
When I was little, this was my first VHS
(those were what existed before DVDs for all you youngins)
and I watched it so much that it broke hahahaha
I think Eric's pretty cool too but Ariel rules in this one!
Ursula's not too shabby either ;)

4. Beauty and the Beast

Yes a lot of my favorites are Disney movies.
The Beast is my favorite character of all time.
He's just so loveable and scary all at the same time.
Plus I'm a lot like Belle.
I mean, I'm more of a bookworm than a lot of people.
I love all the little people in the castle
and the village.
Plus Gaston is a pretty cool villain.

5. Superman

I have been in love with Christopher Reeve since I was 4.
He is and always will be my Superman.
I loved him and his quirky Clark Kent character ;)
He is definitely on my list of people I have to meet in the next life.
I swear I'm one of his biggest fans!
Plus the movie's awesome!
(Although I will say that I'm not a huge fan of the 4th one.....dumb)

6. Star Wars

Ok now before anyone freaks out!
I mean the OLD ones.
With Harrison Ford, Mark Hamil and Carrie Fischer.
Not the junk they've produced in the past decade.
Episodes 4-6 are just classics in my opinion.
(I think my dad still has the original VHS's he bought somewhere)
I loved these movies!
Still love them to be perfectly honest here.
They were just amazing
and probably because George didn't write their dialogue.
"Aren't you a bit short for a Storm Trooper?"
Classic again.

7. Somewhere in Time

Yes, another Christopher Reeve movie.
I told you I love him.
Jane Seymour is his love interest in this movie and it's just pure romance.
I love it!
A playwright that goes back in time to find the woman he loves
only to lose her in a tricky twist of Fate.
I still cry everytime but it's such a gorgeous movie.
The music especially.
It just rips you heart out and then mends it together again.

8. Indiana Jones

Heck yes!
This movie brings my love of adventure and history
together in a beautiful harmony.
Plus Harrison Ford is just hot.
Don't lie, you think so too!
Now I went and saw the 4th one and I liked it the first time.
After that, not so much anymore hahahaha
I love the 3 older ones and have them on DVD ;)
But I'll be skipping the 4th one with the aliens.

9. The Last Unicorn

Based on the book by Peter Beagle.
It's animated beautifully in my opinion
and no, it's not a Disney movie.
The story is about a unicorn discovering that she is the last.
She sets out to find the other unicorns
and has an amazing adventure along the way.
Pretty much awesome for a non-Disney cartoon ;)

10. Star Trek

OMG I was in love the moment I saw Chris Pine's face.
My dad and I used to watch the old movies
and so I was like, "another one?! Can't they just let it die already?"
Yes I was a disbeliever.
But then I went and saw it.
Oh. My. Love.
I fell in love with the newness of the characters
but yet they were still the same.
Kirk and Spock were amazing
and just holy cow!
I've seen it 5 times now in the theatre
and I will be buying it the first day it goes on sale!
If you haven't seen it, GO!
(And I'm not a Trekky BTW)

Ok there's just my faves for now.
I could do a whole list of favorite Disney movies,
action movies,
sci-fi movies,
etc but that will have to wait for another time!
Now it's your turn!
Make a list of your favorite movies and link them back to mine!


  1. My dear Ali, you will have to TEACH me how to link, yes, I am a sad soul who does not know amazing things like changing your blog font, please rescue me.

    Also. I love your list. All favorites. You have to admit though, the unicorn movie is weird, even though I like it, it. is. weird.

  2. Definitely weird but totally awesome at the same time hahahaha

  3. Somewhere in Time... LOVE IT!!!


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