06 August 2009

My end goal ;)

I'm pretty sure I've finally figured out what it is I wanna do!

I wanna open a bookstore with a bakery/deli inside.
(Kinda like a little cafe-minus the coffee)

I was trying to get to sleep last night when
lo, and behold, this amazing idea came into my mind.
So I had to get up and write it down
(cuz you know how that goes...)
and I had visions of what the place would look like
and how cool it will be once I can do it.

I have no idea how to just start up a business
so obviously I'm not just gonna jump and not look hahahaha
But at least I know now what I would love to do.

I love books, I love food.
Put them together and it's a perfect combo
(though food on a book, not so perfect)
and I can still cook and learn new things ;)
The deli will have only sandwiches/salads.
And we will have a veggie sandwich for those kinda people ;)
I'm so excited to have had this amazing idea come to me
and I know it wasn't just me ;)
This is just another booster of my faith in my Lord.
He knows everything and helps me all the time.

Ok so what do you think of this new idea???

P.S. my bookstore will have a spiral staircase. Yes, yes it will)

Yay books!!!


  1. I think it rules! I will totally come and shop there. Lol.

  2. Dang straight you will! ;) And eat there of course ;)

  3. Can I come work with you? Maybe I'll set up a photography lovers section in your bookstore? But whatever happens it is a FABULOUS idea. For serious.

  4. Hahahahaha thanks ;) And yeah you can work for me, for minimum wage! JK JK JK


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