13 July 2009

Video games and me

Video games have never been my friend. And everyone now knows it. Now my brothers are very good at video games and have tried to help me with my hand/eye/button-pressing coordination...poor guys.... I have only ever beat ONE game all by myself and that was Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Yay me! Well my bro just bought a PS2, we are a strictly a Nintendo family so this was all new to me. I hated the buttons....grrrrrr...but anyways that's besides the point. All y'all know how much I love Disney and just how happy it makes me ;) So Nick bought Kingdom Hearts to go with the PS2 and it's a Disney/Final Fantasy game!!! Oh snap!And then the other day he came home with Kingdom Hearts 2!!
I was so excited!! So I've been playing these two games and it's been so fun!! I love getting to play and it's Disney movies and characters! And no, I haven't beat either one of them. I've been watching Nick play it more often than me play cuz he's a lot faster than me hahahaha

So if you like Disney and video games, definitely get this one!!! ;)

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  1. Ursela comes to mind...what a strange level that was.
    I want a Wii!!!! hahahaha


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