27 July 2009

This is me

In case y'all haven't noticed already I like making things look more vintage-y and such.
I love the look of old school things (hence why most of my photos look a certain way).
The only thing is is that I don't really have a lot of vintage stuff other than cyber-ly on this blog hahahaha.
So here's my plan:

1. I wanna go to an antique store and buy a chair or something
that I can use in my house/bookstore someday
when I can afford to do so.

The type of sign that'll be outside

Not quite this modern of stair but there will be a spiral staircase ;)

2. I want to look the part.
Which unfortunately means I need to start
putting more effort into
how I look.....
plus some new clothes are definitely required.

3. I think it's time to learn how to use a sewing machine again.
Haven't used one since jr high.
I've handsewn everything I'e needed to.
Which consists of mending holes hahaha
But I wanna be able to make chair coverings,
Ya know?

Obviously will use a newer model to create such things though

4. I want to be Lauren Brimley/Ashley Bagley/all other gorgeous blondes.
They just know how to pull things off and I just really don't.
Nor do I know how to shop in a thrift store apparently.
Sizing has never been my friend but I'm willing to learn.

Lauren Brimley
see here for her blog
and here for her hilarious Twilight blog
and once more for her newest photography blog ;)

Ashley Bagley
Isn't she just gorgeous!?

5. I need to learn how to do my hair.
I know that sounds weird but srsly,
I can straighten and use a curling iron.
Oh wait! I can braid my hair too
but that's it.
Time for some lessons I think.

See what I mean? *shudder*

6. I want all these things but I wanna still be me.
I'm very laid back and quite frankly lazy.
Especially when it comes to my appearance.
Most of you already know this but hey
I'm admitting it now hahahaha

So how do I go about this? NO IDEA!
Any suggestions would be more than welcome ;)

(P.S. Some recipes will be coming shortly-just for you Lori ;>)


  1. That sounds great Ali. But make sure that you dont become something you are not. If you need any help in the hair doing let me know. I know a thing or two about that. Love ya

  2. Thanks Chels I will. I wanna keep it long until Andrew gets back and then we'll see if I keep it that way hahahaha

  3. Hey me too. My style/fashion needs a revamp-but mostly it's the time that needs to be invested. You already knew that though. Love you. Let's get together and work on it =)

  4. Ali!
    You're so nice! Luckily you're pretty enough that you don't have to wear all the makeup and hairspray that me and lauren do! But it is fun sometimes, so you just have to experiment and have fun and I'm sure you'll look like a babe!


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