06 July 2009

This is going to be mushy. DEAL :)

I know I recently posted Andrew's and my story but I didn't really get to express how much I really care for and love this boy. Like I said, when we first started dating I was very very guarded and didn't really want to do much with him because I was scared of getting hurt yet again. (Boys + me have never = a good, healthy relationship) But Andrew kept insisting on seeing me all the time and texting me constantly which was at first annoying but then I loved it. It took me three months to realize that I had stronger feelings for him than I intended to ever have. Three months more to realize that yeah, I could definitely see myself spending the rest of my life with him. And after that 6 month mark of our relationship, I knew in my heart and mind that he was the one for me. ;)

Mushy yes but true. Another reason why I was so guarded was because he was leaving for his mission in a year and then what? Was I supposed to wait for him? Move on? I was very confused. But 6 months later I was head-over-heels in love and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Andrew and I often talked about getting married (after the mission of course) and each time we did it felt right. Like everything in the world made sense right then. So again, I didn't doubt for one second that he was the one. Now I know the statistics of girls who wait for their missionaries. I hear about it all the time. People ask me why I'm choosing to do so and it's as simple as "because I love him". In my ward there are many people who said that I wouldn't make it to the year mark without getting engaged, HA! I have no intention of getting engaged to anyone but my Andrew. Take that sisters!! Plus I'm the type of person that's stubborn anyways. So if someone says "you can't do this" I find a way to do it anyway.

I couldn't be happier though with my decision. Andrew is such an amazing guy and he's who I want to be with for eternity. I know it's right, I can feel it every time I read his letters or hear his voice on a cassette tape (and yes, they do still make those hahahaha). When I think of him, I think of my home and where my heart is. It's with him in Argentina and it'll come back to me when he gets back in about 11 months. I love him more than I have ever loved anyone or anything before in my life. I know Andrew loves me too. He's told me and I can feel it in every letter that he sends me. We don't talk about what's gonna happen when he gets home, but I know that eventually he'll take me to the temple and we'll be sealed together and that makes me more happy than any amount of chocolate, flowers, or anything can make me.

I can't wait to see him. It's simply meant to be. ;)


  1. I have only one thing to really say......


    ^_^ I love it! I wish I could be as sure as you about my future. It makes me happy to think about you two. ^_^ *hug* Thanks for writing this.

  2. umm...what can I say, I love EVERYTHING about this post!!!! haha especially the part about how you had to reassure everyone that cassette tapes still exist!! I had to buy a huge pack from staples cuz they stopped selling them at walmart!!! haha yay for missionaries and being hardcore, faithful, girly-friends.

    <3 Anais

  3. Oh Courtney, I'm as sure about your future as mine ;) ;) Just wait til he gets back, you both will be so ready for each other it'll be awesome!

    Anais I know, aren't we the best?! BTW I think your missionary is adorable! Meaning cute ;)

  4. :0) You have been doing soo good and I am soo very proud of you! You are wonderful, beautiful woman and you deserve all the best in life. I haven't officially met Andrew yet, but if he is as good to you as you all say he is, I am sure I will love him. I am excited to meet him! I am so glad we met and became such close friends! I am also glad when you take me up on letting me be the friend I try to be with others...one they can trust and rely on for a shoulder/advice/or anything else. You are gonna make it through this and you will be stronger for it...you stubborn little booger you!

  5. It's so awesome that we've made it to the year+ mark. I am very glad for you. I guess he will be back before we know it. Woohoo. Love you.


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